Second Saturday Foster Art Walk Goes for Three

IMG_3734It’s been two months since the first Second Saturday Foster Art Walk. This weekend brings the third go-around, as well as some measure for what the monthly event could become during the summer months. Or not. We suppose it all depends on how much momentum it builds, how many people show up, and what kind of support it gets.

What exactly would you be supporting, you ask?

For now, it’s an opportunity to support a few local businesses, view and (buy) some art, and probably get some free wine. Oh, and it’s a good excuse to get out on Foster (for those that actually need an excuse). There’s also word that as the event grows, so, too, might some of the local bars’ participation. Second Saturday, Katherine T Jacobs(You know, art walk cum pub crawl. Side note: Bar Maven will be celebrating their third anniversary and opening of their new patio this Saturday.)

At this point, though, it’s still a guessing game what the event will become. Perhaps all the art galleries and studios will take part; more businesses will join in; vendors will set up tables on the sidewalks; bars take in the masses along the way. Or maybe it’ll become something altogether different—different day, different focus, different venues.

But for now, here’s what you get:


Velvet Goldmine will be offering 20% off their items as part of their participation in Foster’s Second Saturday

Art (and books) at Backstory Books (this month brings the photography of Katherine T Jacobs), Latchkey Gallery, and Flat Blak Gallery (with work from Italian artist, Alessia Official, and Portland artists, Voxx Romana and OneMad1); quilt-work on display at Wild at Heart Salon; 20% off all items at Velvet Goldmine (which is almost alone worth it). Second Saturday is heavily focused on the commercial node roughly at SE 60th and Foster, but the hope is that it’ll grow beyond that.

How it grows remains to be seen, but we’ll throw our support at it as much as we can.

You should, too. Here’s a link to the event to make it a little easier for you. And another.

See you Saturday.

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2 Responses to Second Saturday Foster Art Walk Goes for Three

  1. Adam Herstein says:

    Ooh, this looks fun! I’ll stop by! Hope this becomes a thing!

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