Foster Drinking

A couple months ago, Portland Monthly put out a call to readers: rank your favorite neighborhood drinking spots. It was seemingly meant to define the best neighborhood bars in Portland. There was one slight issue, though: the list was restricted to just a handful of neighborhoods. It wasn’t a comprehensive list, and, true to most media coverage, the fringe neighborhoods were left out. In fact, the bars representing Southeast Portland all sat within just four neighborhood boundaries: Buckman, Richmond, Sunnyside and Hosford-Abernathy.

Fair enough. We’re used to being overlooked. And, to be honest, who are we to think we should share ranking with the likes of those neighborhoods. (Actually, we do. That’s beside the point, though.)

But in a more comprehensive follow-up, Portland Monthly revisits the issue with their Pocket Map to Portland’s Definitive Neighborhood Bars. Their latest listing delves a little deeper and, sure enough, Foster gets some recognition. So, too, does the surrounding area. Take a look:

As you can see, they did their homework. Slingshot Lounge and O’Malley’s are both worthy bars to represent Foster. (They’ve certainly got a lot of our money over the years.) They are, as the article states, “bars that keep this city running.”

But while we’re talking about bars on Foster, shall we throw some love to all our beloved watering holes? Where are you all drinking? And what keeps you going back? Is it O’Malley’s for trivia, but Da’ Hui for karaoke? Live music at Starday, but sports at Spot 79? The sidewalk seating at Bar Carlo, but the beer at NWIPA? Comedy at FoPo Tavern, but food at Bar Maven? Or just some of that old-timey-Foster vibe at Red’s, Andy’s, or Foster Gardens?

We won’t list them all, but you get the point. What makes for your Foster drinking?

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7 Responses to Foster Drinking

  1. Adam Herstein says:

    Foster Burger!

  2. Natalia says:

    My main girl at Da Hui is the jam and why we go back every Saturday for dollar peebers

  3. Sarah says:

    NWIPA for excellent beer and knitting! And when you want pizza and beer and have a kiddo with you, O’Malley’s is great.

  4. Lisa Y. says:

    I like the food and atmosphere at Bar Maven. The Starday Tavern always has something going on ($2 Tuesdays, live music etc) and has the added bonus of friendly service.

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