Building Boom Cometh—Another Mixed-Use Project in the Works

Just on the heels of an announced mixed-use project to be developed at SE 72nd and Foster, we’re learning that more housing and commercial space could be coming  in the form of a new four-story development at 5045 SE Foster.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 8.35.09 AMThe proposed site is currently a vast lot next to Speedboat Coffee. Busy Bee Cleaners once sat as the lone occupant of the lot.

Now, as plans have recently been floated for other multi-unit construction on Foster—30 units at 5816 SE Foster and 57 units at 6036 SE Foster—we’re seeing development activity really start to pick up. With the recent announcement of 108 residential units to be built above ground-floor commercial space at 72nd and Foster, the newest proposal looks to add a similar mix of housing and retail 20 blocks west. We’ll assume this will be a market-rate project, however, and will extend the line of development activity that’s worked its way south along SE 50th from Hawthorne over the last several years.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 8.29.44 AM

Bureau of Development Services, Early Assistance Intakes

According to a Bureau of Development Services (BDS) list of Early Assistance Intakes, the site of 5045 SE Foster is being proposed for a four-story mixed-use building with ground-floor retail and three floors of apartments above. Preliminary plans would include 15 on-site parking stalls.

The site, as we know, sits next to Speedboat Coffee and across the street from a two-parcel property that is currently for sale. Two blocks to the east on Foster, two more properties are for sale next to Foster Row.

At first glance, the former Busy Bee lot does not appear to be ripe for residential development. However, that site sits near the crossing of two frequent-service bus lines (the 9-Powell and 14-Hawthorne) and two standard lines (the 17-Holgate and 71-60th/122nd). Those four bus lines, as well as the north/south bikeway on SE 52nd, should make for a very convenient location for residents who opt not to rely on their cars.

No timeline for this project has been set.

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9 Responses to Building Boom Cometh—Another Mixed-Use Project in the Works

  1. Greg says:

    Awesome research as always. Exciting to see so much new development in the neighborhood.

  2. Adam Herstein says:

    Looking forward to this! I live a few blocks from that corner and have been hoping for some more retail nearby. There’s so much underutilized potential at this area and along 50th a few blocks to the north.

    • That triangle is so nondescript and bound by traffic, it never occurred to me as a place for residential development. But the housing is much needed, and when you add commercial space and consider the nearby transportation options, it makes a lot of sense. It’ll be good infill in the sense that it will add way more units than a pop-up single family home, and it won’t have any neighbors to upset (for loss of sunlight or parking spots or…). This combined with other proposed projects on Foster (and more to come, I’m sure) should make a nice contribution to the lack of housing supply.

  3. Lee Smith says:

    WTF? Busy Bee Cleaners is nowhere near Holgate.

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