More Details On 72nd/Foster Development

As we reported last week, the vacant lot at SE 72nd and Foster is slated for an affordable housing development. The project will bring 108 units of housing to the PDC-owned lot across the street from the Portland Mercado. What appears to be a four-story development will also include 10,000 square feet of commercial space and resident services from Asian Health & Services Center (AHSC).

REACH Community Development has been chosen to develop the site, and has been awarded $5 million to assist in the city’s goal to increase the supply of affordable housing.

Here’s what a (very) preliminary site concept look like:

As you can see, there will be 56 parking spaces tucked under and (presumably) behind the building. The tuck-under parking will line SE 72nd; commercial space will line Foster; additional parking appears to be on the south side of the development.

As per the Portland Housing Bureau (PHB), the 108 units will consist of the following: 66 studio, 18 1-bedroom, 15 2-bedroom, and 9 3-bedroom apartments. In addition to the housing, commercial, and health services space, AHSC will be using the community space for cultural and social gatherings and events. This should pair well with the Portland Mercado, where Latin American culture is promoted through commerce and community events across the street.

Here’s a brief description of the project from REACH:
         “Designed as an intergenerational, mixed-use building, this project continues REACH’s commitment to partner with Asian Health & Service Center (AHSC) to address the un-met housing needs of low-income households within the most concentrated Asian American population in Oregon. 72Foster will include 108 housing units, ranging from studios to 3- bedrooms, creating permanently affordable housing serving both seniors and families, with rents affordable to residents earning approximately 60% or less of area Median Family Income (MFI), or less than $31,000 for a single-person household. The residential component will be combined with 10,000 sf of retail storefront to build on the success of Hacienda CDC’s adjacent Portland Mercado and the planned Foster Road streetscape improvements. Total project costs are estimated to be approximately $21.3 million.”

We’ve been told that, despite the preliminary rendering, design work has not yet started. With this being such a large and impactful project, we’ll cross our fingers that the design is thoughtful and adds to the positive energy of that corner of the neighborhood. Expect neighborhood meetings to be held welcoming community input.

We’ll keep you posted as we find out more.

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14 Responses to More Details On 72nd/Foster Development

  1. christine says:

    on first reading it sounded to me like the housing is targeted to the local Asian community — but I think that’s just unfortunate wording (in case anyone else got that impression). Thanks for posting this!

    • We’ve been told by PDC that the Asian Health and Services Center will be providing resident services, but that doesn’t mean the housing will be tailored to or marketed exclusively to the Asian community. I think anybody will be free to apply.

  2. Jimi says:

    Holst is known for some pretty nice projects.

  3. Kaye says:

    Thank you for posting this, especially the sketch, and for keeping the information coming….I feel quite a bit better about the whole thing – it looks that maybe some serious thought is going into the design and impact.

    • Thanks for reading. My guess is the final product may look a little different (maybe fewer units, maybe more parking?) after community meetings are held and neighborhood feedback is given. We’ll see…

  4. erinseale says:

    What! 😦

    But how am I going to complain about how I wish developers would focus the infill on the expanses of unused asphalt (instead of existing homes), if they go and do exactly that?

    Cool. I’m also hoping it is well-thought-out, and hope it serves the community well. I have been wondering about that lot for a while.

  5. Lee Smith says:

    When did the Lents neighborhood eat up the Mt Scott-Arleata neighborhood? Oh there is this guy that can build affordable housing for one third of the price the city is spending on this place and the average rent in his places runs from $400 to $900 a month.

  6. Alli says:

    It looks great and I’m thrilled that this is going to happen! We definitely need more affordable housing within Portland. I’m very concerned though with only 56 parking spaces…especially considering that the Mercado currently uses that space for parking as well and the lot fills up during peak Mercado times. I’m sure not all of the residents will have their own cars, but we can’t really count on that. Plus the commercial spaces will need to have parking as well. Maybe they could include a full-level underground parking garage, including secure bike parking, to help decrease the demand for on-street parking?

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  8. Candis says:

    Narrowing foster while adding so many apartments doesnt make any sense.

    • The city has to grow from within (as opposed to in rural areas). Adding density probably is more palatable on busy corridors with transit options than in residential neighborhoods, so it may make more sense from that standpoint.

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