Funding Awarded for Foster Affordable Housing Development

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 4.11.56 PM.pngWell that was quick.

Just as we reported a logistical land-transfer between the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) and the Portland Development Commission (PDC) that would make for easier development of the vacant lot across from the Portland Mercado, we are now learning that a proposal for the site has been approved. That proposal, by REACH Community Development, will be partly funded by a $5 million award from the Portland Housing Bureau (PHB). The funding provided by PHB will go toward the development of a mixed-use project at SE 72nd and Foster that will include 108 units of affordable housing and ground-floor commercial space.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 4.13.24 PMIn regards to the commercial space, Senior Project Coordinator for the Lents Urban Renewal Area, Leila Aman, says there will be a “concerted effort to attract businesses that are complimentary to the Mercado.” The residential portion of the project will be accompanied by services from the Asian Health & Services Center.

We’ve spoken before about the transformation of this corner of the neighborhood, and it appears as if we’ll see full buildout of the once-vacant, two-block stretch of Foster in the near future. What’s more we’ll get an added boost of affordable housing, commercial space, and added energy to the Foster landscape.

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10 Responses to Funding Awarded for Foster Affordable Housing Development

  1. Andrew Cecka says:

    This is freaking outrageous. 108 units? It’s going to be the biggest building on Foster, right in front of my house, blocking out the sun, taking all the parking, killing the cul de sac, and creating MORE shelter for the many problems we face in this neighborhood already. This will make things WORSE, not better, and my family will lose money and safety.

    I expected multi-use. I expected 40-60 units. I expected not enough parking and low income housing. But this? Hell NO!! Time to get the pitch forks.

  2. Greg says:

    Do you have a link to the proposal itself?

  3. Kaye says:

    I am NOT happy. 108 units is too big. It does not fit with the neighborhood. It will cause enormous parking problems. Not happy. So not happy. Preparing to go to war.

    • D~ says:

      The neighborhood is about to change a lot. The size of that unit will be pretty comparable to the rest of what’s on Foster Within about 5 years better get used to it. You can “go to war” all that you want and you’ll be just about as effective and the furniture store trying to stop the streetscape plan.

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  5. hamellr says:

    What kinds of businesses are comparable with the Mercado, that don’t already exist there?

  6. Lisa says:

    Information on the award is available on PHB’s website. This is great news for our community, in the long term we will have more families, more retail opportunities, and access to a healthcare clinic.

    In the short term we will have construction jobs and much needed attention from the city.

    I also think it’s great we have a new developer in the hood. Rose does good work but so do lots of others like Reach, Homer Williams and Bridges.

    If the only retraction is parking, take a minute to consider that the streetscape plan increases parking.

    Save your pitchfork energy for where it’s needed, giving the goats of Lents some pride. They should be known as the Lents goats by now!

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