The Bob White’s Insides Revealed

Well, consider our dreams officially dashed. As if we haven’t lamented enough, the Bob White’s demise has been well documented, and our dreams were actually dashed quite some time ago.

image1-2But we. Just. Can’t. Let it go.

Here’s our first glimpse inside the former theater since it became, well, a former theater.

At least they have good taste in cars. But for chrissakes, did they have to choose a theater for their car-storing ways?

We know it’s hard to see. (We won’t complain, though, as we were generously gifted this photo from a friend and reader.) But if you squint just enough, you can see dreams being dashed.

RIP Bob White….


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8 Responses to The Bob White’s Insides Revealed

  1. benmollica says:

    Maybe their plan is to make it a “Drive-In” theater… I call dibs on the convertible!

  2. erinseale says:

    Are there no more cost-effective garage solutions available? This seems like it just doesn’t make financial sense.

    • Odd, right? The one rational explanation we’ve heard is that the building is an investment. So while it currently is being used as a garage, that may only be temporary, as the owner should be able to spin the building off at a nice profit in a few years. So perhaps there’s hope down the road.

  3. Tim says:

    I asked the workers who were altering the stage and they did say later there might be “a creative space, whatever that means.” I think that’s the actual quote…so who knows. It’s a shame how this all went down.

  4. Chris says:

    Can someone explain the meaning of their sign? Says something like “Bob White is FF Portland”. I’ve been scratching my head over that for a while.

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