Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Ok, so the heat was the big news this week. As it should be. It was glorious, but also a scary foreshadowing of another long, hot summer. We’ll cross that bridge later. In the meantime, we hope you’re making the most of a for-now-sun-drenched Foster.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– As much as we, ourselves, are jumping into the pro-streetscape / anti-streetscape fracas, it’ll be nice when it’s done and over with. Not only do we look forward to a safer and more pleasant Foster, we’ll look forward to less annoying signs and perhaps a more cohesive business district. Until then, here’s a little fun we had with some of the signs.

– So about that heat—there’s one thing that becomes way more commonplace when the sun’s out: Foster drinking goes from partly outside but mostly in, to soaking it up wherever outdoor patios and sidewalk seating permit. You all know where they’re at. And to spice things up a bit, you will all soon get added space in a new patio/beer garden at Bar Maven, as well as new outdoor seating space at the Mercado (adjacent to the front entrance, opposite Barrio). We’ll soon find out if the Office Taproom will have outside seating, too.

– Love Bar Carlo’s breakfast but don’t have weekday mornings off? Don’t want to stomach the lines on the weekend? There’s word they’re considering extending the breakfast menu into the evening. Is that something you all will jam on?

– Speaking of Bar Carlo, don’t forget they host live jazz (Hot Club of Hawthorne) every third Wednesday of the month.

– And on that note, another monthly music event to keep in mind is Reggae Revelation with DJ Shortchange, every second Tuesday at O’Malley’s

– Latchkey Gallery and Backstory Books are hosting month two of their Second Saturdays Foster Art Walk this weekend. As we’ve mentioned, the goal was to start small and expand in the approach to summer. In addition to Backstory Books and Latchkey Gallery, Zodiac Art Space and Curio (at Carts on Foster) will be participating this go-around; Wild At Heart Salon will be hosting the paintings of Shannon Kelly and jewelry-making of Julie Knudsen; Tambayan Filipino Restaurant will have food specials; and there’s rumor something fun may be happening at Velvet Goldmine and others along the strip. Here’s the Facebook event page.

– As much as it’s become a fixture in the neighborhood, it is still hard to believe the Portland Mercado is celebrating its first full year on Foster. Most can probably recognize this already, but it’s been one of the best things to happen to Foster in, probably, decades. For perspective, just imagine that lot without dozens of people constantly eating, shopping, mingling; no color, art, or vibrancy. It wasn’t too long ago that it was just asphalt and weeds. Not only does the Mercado deserve credit for their business model and the services and amenities they provide, but the transformation they’ve brought to that corner of the neighborhood has been wondrous. Help celebrate with them next weekend and beyond.

– Weekend entertainment
Starday Tavern- Early Night Jam w/Pete Kartsounes (6 pm), The Oregon Trailers (9 pm), Friday; Early Night Jams w/Matt and Kina (6 pm), Excellent Gentlemen / Best Dancers (9 pm), Saturday
Second Saturday Art Walk- Support Foster businesses and check out some art at Latchkey Gallery, Backstory Books, Zodiac Art Space and Curio, Wild At Heart Salon, and others. 4 – 8 pm, Saturday.

As always, let us know of any events or happenings we missed. Be safe and be cool, everybody.

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2 Responses to Happy Weekend, Foster People!

  1. Alex says:

    In other news: THE DECORETTE SHOP IS FOR SALE. Two buildings for sale on that block right now.

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