Foster’s Second Saturday Goes for Round Two

* Updated Friday, 4/8

An attempt to bring a monthly art walk to Foster goes for round two this Saturday, as the owners of Backstory Books and Latchkey Gallery host “Second Saturday” this weekend. (For previous posts about last month’s event, go here and here.)

Here’s what we know for sure: the weather will be nicer and we’ll have at least the same two venues as last month (Latchkey and Backstory). It’ll will also run from 4 – 8 p.m. again. And just like last month, each of the two venues will feature a different artists.

imageOutside of that, it’s very unpredictable.

The goal at the onset was to start small and build momentum, hopefully leading to a Foster-wide art walk for the summer months. It was expected that April’s Second Saturday would add at least a third venue, with the expected opening of Flat Black Gallery next door to Latchkey. It appears as if that opening may not take place until later in the month, though.

Even with just Latchkey and Backstory, you’d still have an excuse to visit two of Foster’s newer businesses while supporting some of the surrounding area’s older ones. In other Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 7.09.08 AM.pngwords, grab a bite to eat at Tambayan or Nayar, or visit Velvet Goldmine or Green Noise Records, on your way to check out some art. And who knows, maybe you’ll be pointed toward another venue that’s showing art, too. We’ve heard rumors Zodiac Art Space and Curio might be involved with the event (they’re located at Carts on Foster).

One added detail: Backstory Books will be hosting Arun’s Spring Art Showing. There will be demonstration and various works by Joseph Clinton Ragan.

* Update: The following places are confirmed for participation this Saturday: Zodiac Art Space and Curio (at Carts on Foster); Wild at Heart Salon (next to Latchkey) will have the paintings of Shannon Kelly, as well as copper and silver hand-made jewelry from Julie Knudsen; Tambayan Filipino Restaurant will have food specials.

Second Saturday, April 9, from 4 – 8 p.m. Latchkey Gallery and Backstory Books are located at 6004 and 6010 SE Foster Road.


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