Here’s What You Missed At Second Saturday

imageExpectations were low for Second Saturday, Foster’s latest attempt at a monthly art walk. The goal: establish it as an event, get a few people out, hopefully add some intrigue and increased attendance for the following month.

Not only did people show up, but they braved the rain to do so. And with the combination of featured artists showing at both (Latckey Gallery and Backstory Books), a diverse array of other artwork on display, and some free wine and snacks, we’d have to say that Foster’s first Second Saturday exceeded expectations.

imageWith a new art gallery in the works–Flat Black Gallery–which will make three participating venues on the same commercial stretch of Foster, next month’s event is guaranteed to expand by 50%. Getting more people to explore the galleries and artwork is the next step.

In the works for future events: booths for artists and crafters to display their work outside; partnering with other businesses to open their doors for people exploring Foster and seeking art; perhaps even sidewalk space for musicians to provide some extra entertainment.

Expectations will build as we approach the summer months, and there’s no reason the organizers shouldn’t find success. If you consider the imagepotential for other stops along an eventual route–perhaps, for example, BenWill Studio, NWIPA, Performance Works NW–there are makings for a pretty rad event that could get locals and non-locals onto Foster en masse once a month.

Should be good for businesses, too.

More people on Foster should lead to more people buying art. But as we know, an art walk is not just an art walk. People will be forced to notice the numerous places to eat, drink, or buy other goods (i.e. board games, clothing, retro/vintage furniture, records, skate apparel, etc.). And with that, we may get a glimpse imageof what Foster can and will be when the pedestrian landscape is improved, bike lanes are added, auto traffic is slowed, and people are more inclined to use Foster for their leisure.

If you are an artist who wants to get involved, a business owner who’d like to participate, or just want more information, email [email protected] for more information. And if you’re just a local with an open second Saturday, check it out.

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5 Responses to Here’s What You Missed At Second Saturday

  1. Kari says:

    Could you share the date for the next one? Obviously it’s a Saturday but is it the second Saturday?

  2. Spiffy says:

    those wooden ray-guns were really cool, as were a lot of little things in the window… the rain only hit us hard on the walk there… we went early and combined it with lunch… we missed the wine and snacks…

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