Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Welcome back to the weekend, folks. We hope March is treating you well and that you’ve managed to stay dry. Weather patterns aside, the coming Spring should coincide with new growth and change in the neighborhood. Some of that will be subtle, some not so much; some welcome, some not. It’s been an interesting view from behind a keyboard, and we’re curious to know what you all think of the spate of new businesses, proposed developments along Foster, coming streetscape plan, residential infill, increasing property values and rents, and the number of events and happenings along the corridor.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– This week we met Foster-Powell’s very own Notorious P.I.G., or P. Iggy Smalls if we’re being formal.

– We also learned of a new development planned for SE Center Street as it approaches 82nd Avenue—a three-story, 12-unit apartment complex is in the works.

– And finally, we also shared with you some preliminary information about Foster’s very first “Second Saturday” art walk. To be fair to you all, this weekend’s initial event plans to be small. Most of the art being exhibited and sold will be between Backstory Books and Latchkey Gallery, but that is by design. Baby steps. Next month’s event hopes to bring in a few more venues and build more capacity, with the summer months hopefully having some extra momentum, participation, and perhaps a map. Backstory and Latchkey are located at 6010 and 6004 SE Foster. Get more info here. And here.

– Shout out to Tango Berretin. Foster’s own Tango studio, located at Foster and Holgate, got a nice mention in the New York Times. Yep, New York Times!

– Oh, in case you haven’t noticed, Euro Classic Furniture and the Sew/Vac shop have been joined by Buck’s (who was on the committee that approved the Streetscape Plan) and Mt. Scott Fuel in opposition of plans to slow traffic and improve pedestrian safety and the business climate on Foster.

– Here’s your upcoming entertainment:
Starday Tavern- Virgin of the Birds / Storm the Palace, Friday at 9pm; Matt and Kina open for The Amber Harlan Granmo Trio, Saturday at 6 pm (early show) and 9 pm
Backstory Books and Latchkey Gallery- Second Saturday Art Walk, 4- 8pm (though, Latchkey will be open at noon)
NWIPA- American Cocina #4: Rise of the Prix Frix, Saturday at 6pm
O’Malley’s- The Hazy Dickels play Bluegrass Sunday at 7pm

As always, let us know of any events or happenings worth a mention. Enjoy the weekend!

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