Could Multi-unit Housing on Foster Help Maintain Affordability?


BDS – Commercial Building Intakes

Could this be the first domino to fall?

With multi-unit housing proposed at two different locations on Foster—a mixed-use development at SE 72nd (with at least 60 units), and a rebuild of the Y Arts Center at SE 60th (with as many as 57 units)—it could be a third and more recent proposal that finally brings housing to the western stretch of the commercial corridor.

As reported by Next Portland, and listed in the Portland Bureau of Development Services’ (BDS) recent building-permit reviews, a Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 4.40.39 PMparcel of land at 5816 SE Foster may eventually be home to 30 units of housing in a three-story building.

This is the same property that was being marketed to potential developers this summer, going as far to include renderings of what new construction on the property could look like.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 4.41.11 PM


We’ll cross our fingers the developer-to-be has more architectural prowess than the realtor had graphic design skills, as the building and rendered vehicles looked eerily like Mine-Craft-meets-Micro-Machines.

Joking aside, this may be the first residential development to hit the west side of Foster—there are other developments in the works in Lents—and could quite possibly combine with the other proposed developments (at SE 72nd and 60th) to maintain some semblance of affordable housing stock in the neighborhood. Or at least make a dent.

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5 Responses to Could Multi-unit Housing on Foster Help Maintain Affordability?

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  4. 62ndgarden says:

    what I want to know is how are people going to get to work with all that construction going on? it’s going to be chaos! We should keep Foster the way it is. (totally joking-to anyone who doesn’t know)

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