Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Spring sorta sprung this week; we hope you enjoyed it. The rain’s back for the weekend, though, and we lose some of the heat too. But it shouldn’t keep you off of Foster and/or from romping around the neighborhood. Despite the drizzles coming back, this is perfect gardening time. Ditto for grabbing a happy hour drink and contemplating what you’ll do with the coming Spring months. Oh, and there’s lots and lots of live music this weekend. Check it out.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

So this is what we learned this week: Girl Scouts are way cooler than Boy Scouts, and our local troop is genius for slangin’ their cookies outside Foster Buds; apparently Foster attracts a lot of armed robbers—in addition to Fantasyland, Foster Gardens, and Andy’s, apparently the Trap was recently hit, too; the folks at Euro Classic Furniture not only have an odd notion of peoples’ taste in furniture, but they really, really hate the fact Foster’s commuters will soon have to slow down for folks who live near, walk, and/or bike on Foster.

– We were treated earlier this week to a sneak peek of the future Dream Heart coffee shop, which will be located inside BenWill Studio at 4533 SE 67th Avenue. The space will double as espresso bar and art gallery, with a couple tables for those who aren’t on the go. Dream Drink N DrawHeart will fill a different niche than other local coffee shops, so it should be a fun addition to the neighborhood without competing with the others. Dream Heart is expected to open this coming Monday, hours starting at 6 – 11 a.m..

– In addition to its weekly comedy night (Ferociously Funny Fridays), FoPo Tavern is bringing back “Drink ‘N Draw.” The weekly event will start this Wednesday, 3/3, and offer anyone and everyone a venue to drink and, well, draw. There will be live models, and art supplies will be provided by I’ve Been Framed art shop.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 7.14.58 AM– Cowpunk rock and comedy? Yep, this Saturday at O’Malley’s. You’ll just have to go…and why wouldn’t you.

– Get your beer and be delighted to some food treats. NWIPA’s Triple IPA Fest not only brings the best IIIPAs to the bottle shop this Saturday, but they’re bringing Chicken and Guns and Bunk Sandwiches to Foster, too. Saturday’s event will have Chicken and Guns parked out front for the afternoon shift; Bunk Sandwiches takes over from 6 – 9 p.m..

– And here’s more of your upcoming entertainment:
Hallowed Halls- CHILLFEST 2016, Friday from 6pm until late
SMART Collective- Fringe Class, Peridot and Pedestrian Death Gang, Friday at 6pm
Starday Tavern- Tweakin Like Matty w/More Hell, Friday at 9pm; BOONYAH! Party with One Wub!, Saturday at 9pm
FoPo Tavern- Ferociously Funny Friday, standup comedy at 9pm; Drink ‘N Draw, Wednesdays at 8pm
NWIPA- Third Annual Triple IPA Fest, Saturday from noon to 10pm
O’Malley’s- Dwight Dickinson, Last Shot, Pistol Whiplash, Saturday at 9pm
Backstory Books- Read aloud for the kids, Saturday at 10:30 am
Performance Works NW- GHOSTS and Snake Talk, http://m.bpt.me/event/2494417, Friday and Saturday at 8pm

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2 Responses to Happy Weekend, Foster People!

  1. Spiffy says:

    I got my Girl Scout cookies from out in front of Pieper Cafe earlier this week… mmm, vegan Thin Mints…

  2. 62ndgarden says:

    someone added a poignant sign to the Euro-posterboard-assault. I just glimpsed it as I drove by one morning. It said “We like our high crash corridor” It was gone later that day but, well done, neighbor.

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