More Coffee for Foster

IMG_3622Well, not Foster per se. But close enough.

Just a half block from the sadly dilapidated Phoenix Pharmacy building, and a couple doors down from Performance Works NW, a budding art studio and gallery will soon be serving up espresso and morning snacks.

BenWill Studio (at 4533 SE 67th Avenue), one of two art galleries to open up in the area since the summer, will soon double as Dream Heart Cafe. The gallery space will IMG_3623continue to show art and host regular events, but will now have a small espresso bar and a few tables too. During the drier months, expect tables on the sidewalk as well, where they will help add to the growing energy on this side street off of Foster. (As mentioned, Performance Works NW is a couple doors down; All Around Arbor recently spruced up their office space next door; Westside Community Focus has moved in across the street.)

IMG_3625As for Dream Heart, we know that they’ll be serving Redeye Coffee and have, at the very least, breakfast burritos as a food option. It’s not anticipated to compete with more established coffee shops, such as Pieper Cafe, as it’s smaller and, perhaps, catered to a different market. According to Ben, the gallery’s owner and namesake artist, Dream Heart will have a soft opening this coming Monday; hours will be 6 – 11 a.m..


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