Foster in All Its Foster-ness

We’re still on our pre-spring break, but thought we’d share a few snippets that capture all of Foster’s Foster-ness—good, bad, and otherwise.

First, let’s talk armed robberies. Andy’s, Foster Gardens and….Fantasyland. All within the last couple weeks. Yikes! It’s unfortunate, but what about that trio? Andy’s, Foster Gardens and Fantasyland (adult video)—the very best and brightest of Foster commerce. And that’s just in the last few weeks. Within the last couple years, Red’s and Bob & Alice’s (now Starday) have been hit, too. Sheesh!

And in other uniquely-fitting Foster happenings, our very own Foster Buds played host to the Girl Scouts recently as they (quite astutely) sold Thin Mints, Samoas, and Tagalongs outside the dispensary. How has nobody thought about that before? Genius, I say…

IMG_3614Oh, but there’s more from the fantastical world of Foster.

If Euro Classic Furniture wasn’t enough of a mystery, they’ve now put themselves front and center in the fight against—that’s right, against—plans to slow auto-traffic and increase bike and pedestrian safety on Foster. In not one, nor two or three, but several neon-colored signs plastered across their windows, the oddly thriving-yet-always-empty furniture store is loudly (read: brightly) proclaiming their disdain for the Foster Transportation and Streetscape Plan. Unfortunately, they’re a bit late to the game, as the plans have already gone through a lengthy planning and outreach process; it’s been funded; design and engineering is well underway; and construction is set to start this time next year. Either they missed the memo a few years ago or just have really bad timing.



And in less-than-odd and potentially encouraging (if not exciting) news, the rumored market-to-be at SE 64th and Foster, just next-door to NWIPA, appears to be on its way toward reality. Actually, we have no idea if that’s true. But for some reason we’ll just presume that the paper-covered windows means there’s renovation happening inside the former Softipper Darts space.

Ok, back to our time off—we now leave you with more obnoxious signage….


Gridlock forever! Notice how the far right poster reads, “PLANTS” instead of “plans.” IMG_3619

We’ll assume “closet” really means “closed.” Let the chaos ensue.


And finally, where the difference in opinion may stem: Foster as a major highway. Sure, it’s a commuter route, but Foster is also a neighborhood where people live, eat, shop, play, and kids walk to school. I’m guessing most people don’t want a “major highway” running through their neighborhood.

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12 Responses to Foster in All Its Foster-ness

  1. Sarah says:

    The terribly belated and comically slow growing HULK SMASH rage at Euro Classic Furniture over the streetscape plan is one of my delights of our walk to school each morning…they seem to add a new neon sign every day. Shame, shame!

  2. grrlpup says:

    Actually, the new Foster will have FIVE lanes, not two! Three for cars and two for bikes. Pretty sweet.

  3. JennB says:

    The Euro furniture store (formerly and affectionately known as MBEAP – my Cyrillic interpretation, so sad when the sign came down) is one of Foster’s great mysteries to me, love the very appropriate description “oddly thriving-yet-always-empty furniture store”. The Euro paintings enliven that corner, although the protest signs do clash with the color motif. Perhaps a potential increase in business and foot traffic from the traffic changes are unwelcome. I have to say I really appreciate this blog, and always click on it when it pops in my inbox, thanks for your writing about our hood!

  4. Crystal says:

    I read in the news that The Trap on 52nd also was robbed recently. Apparently the suspect was found hiding on the roof of a nearby home!

    I’m flabbergasted by the signage at Euroclassic. Most neighborhood folks and business owners I’ve talked to are quite happy with the plan and the changes. I myself am elated we will have a dedicated center turn lane, so I can stop worrying so much about being read ended!

  5. Kaye says:

    I spoke my piece re: Euro Classic on an earlier post, but just can’t resist chiming in again about how amused we (my family and I) are by the neon signs in GIANT CAPITAL LETTERS, with fun misspellings. 🙂 I loved Sarah’s “Hulk Smash Rage” description, it was perfect!

    Personally, we can hardly wait for the Foster Street plan to commence. Two bike lanes, two traffic lanes, a turning lane, and other traffic calming techniques is going to be a God-send.

    And to answer Euro’s brightly-screeched question “WHERE WILL THE TRAFFIC END UP??”….I don’t really care where it ends up, I’m just hoping most of it goes any from Foster and our neighborhoods. How about using 205 and Powell instead? Let us have Foster as a low speed, safe, attractive local business center for our lovely old neighborhoods. Thanks.

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  7. Matthew says:

    After being continuously splashed by passing cars while walking down Foster, I cherish a reprieve from being soaked by traffic. Bike lanes? Trees? A safer distance for pedestrians from cars? Sign me up! This move will only be good for the residents of Foster Powell (in terms of safety and property value) and it will be good for business too (as it will finally make Foster a pleasant place to be).

    Personally I advocate a boycott of businesses in opposition of redevelopment.

  8. I came looking for photos of the Eurofurniture signs, and you did not disappoint! I was slack-jawed when I passed by the other day and wanted to illustrate to someone what I had seen. It seems my favorite sign alluded to Foster *becoming* a bad place for drivers by doing traffic calming. Au contraire, friends! It’s a pretty awful place now for drivers (at least this one) and I look forward to anything that will discourage the type of shenanigans I see regularly when I am unfortunate enough to be driving on Foster.

    • Good point! Currently, Foster is a disaster–both for cars and pedestrians. I think the signs at Euro Classic, Buck’s, and the Sew/Vac are a little misleading (though, probably unintentionally as they’re not looking at it from a sustainability and livability standpoint). For example, like you say, they’d lead you to believe Foster operates well under current conditions. But it does not. Turning left is tough, and nearly impossible during commute times; crossing Foster is always a gamble and, again, nearly impossible when traffic builds; kids have to cross Foster to get to school, and currently they have no opportunity to “creep” into the street to see if traffic is stopping or slowing for them (curb extensions and eliminating a lane will allow them to do that); oh, and then there’s the aesthetics that currently make it feel like a highway and discourage investment in our business district (which is one of the greatest ironies w/their protests–our business district should thrive under the new plan).

  9. jenkpar says:

    I love the “City Plants” signs. I picture trees and flowers coming together to cut down the streets in revenge of all of their own being cut for making the City. On a side note I’m excited for this to take place.

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