Pre-Spring Break

Happy post-Valentine’s, Foster People. We’re taking a brief hiatus, and will only be posting sporadically over the next couple weeks. Surely there will be news and happenings worth sharing—and we will—but we’re mostly laying low for the rest of February.

IMG_2149We’ll be back in full sooner than later, though.

In the meantime, please check out and ‘like’ our Facebook page so we can grow our reach.

Also, feel free to use this post to leave comments about what’s happening in the hood—news, development, events, all of it. Even if you just want to bitch about tweakers, abandoned buildings, or the ever-increasing cost to live in the neighborhood…have at it.


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7 Responses to Pre-Spring Break

  1. 62ndgarden says:

    beds will be available at the community garden at the end of the month. Keep your eye on the website and Facebook for the forthcoming announcement!

  2. Kaye says:

    We’ve been patiently and somewhat eagerly awaiting the commencement of the Foster Street Plan – can’t help but believe it will completely improve our corner of the SE by slowing down the raceway (AKA SE Foster), improving foot traffic, bringing new and improved businesses, reducing crime etc etc. So that’s where my family is at.
    But I noticed that furniture store at SE Foster/68th (?) has plastered their windows with giant signs which screech about how the Foster project is awful (just take a cruise by, you’ll see) and about how we should all call the Mayor’s office. None of the other businesses on Foster (that I’ve seen) are doing the same, and I honestly can’t see how improving pedestrian/bicycle access and slowing down the raceway is going to hurt business AT ALL. Sooooo….what’s their deal? Does anybody have any insight on this?

    • Euro Classic Furniture is one of the lone businesses on (western) Foster that strongly and publically oppose this project. In fact, the Foster Area Business Association, who represent several businesses along the corridor, formally endorsed this project (as well as multiple Neighborhood Associations).

      In terms of their opposition, there was a lengthy planning and outreach process that led up to the project’s approval. Euro Classic Furniture could and should have voiced their disapproval then…not after the project is already funded, mostly designed/engineered, and in the process of reaching construction’s start.

      A lot of the disapproval for this project comes from people who rely on Foster to commute into the city. In other words, people who don’t necessarily live in this neighborhood and walk and bike locally. They probably don’t have kids that have to cross Foster to get to their elementary school either…or elderly relatives who have to do the same for shopping, etc. In simple terms, it’s a safety and livability issue for locals; a convenient driving route for others. It’s more complicated than that, sure. And the plan certainly doesn’t meet everyone’s needs. But in the end, it’ll make Foster safer for those who rely on all forms of transportation and more livable for those who live and shop nearby.

      One other note, it’s been shown that commercial corridors with slower/less auto-traffic and increased bike use get ample business support—not to mention the benefit of an uptick in pedestrian use that the business district will get as a result. If Euro Classic Furniture is concerned about business, they might be missing the point that more people slowing down, walking, and biking along Foster could get more customers in their doors. My guess, too, is that their neon pink and yellow protest signs plastered across the windows turn more people away than the future lane reduction will. Ha!

      We’re excited for the project, too, Kaye. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Kaye says:

    Heh….good insights. It’s true that I feel we take our lives in our hands every time we cross Foster, even with a walk sign in a cross walk. (in fact, my sister and I were walking to catch the 14 early one morning last autumn, and nearly got run down by someone who ran the red light at about 70 mph.) So maybe Euro Furniture’s deal has something to do with wanting Foster to stay an urban freeway.

    But it still doesn’t make any sense to my business head….making neighborhoods walkable, with a robust and vibrant small business area, is good business…for everybody. Families, elders, property owners, and yes – businesses. But I have honestly wondered for awhile now about Euro Furniture….I pass the store at least twice a day, and I have never EVER seen anybody there. Questionable…..

    Well, whatever. I actually was trying to think of a reason to go in there, you know – support local and all that. But yeah – the signs have turned me completely off.

    I’m fine with Foster not being a convenient way to ‘get somewhere else’. I’m looking forward to shopping and walking in our non-speedway business district. And who knows – maybe Euro Furniture will get mad and leave, and we’ll get a Trader Joe’s or something!

    On a related note, did you all see the article in the Oregonian about Dutch Brothers opening a cafe storefront in the Lloyd District? I emailed DB corporate this morning, and suggested they might want to take a look at the DB on Foster. Build out a little into that giant parking lot….voila! Local cafe that isn’t a Starbucks! And it would help anchor that strip mall, and probably bring in a couple of businesses.

    OK, I’ll stop…I’m super chatty because it’s the first (semi) sunny Saturday in awhile…and I woke up with a bad cold, so I’m totally stuck inside taking Dayquil and Airborne. 😦

  4. Lynne Chowning says:

    What is it with all the negative signage @ Euro Furniture? If they haven’t been in the loop on this plan then they surely aren’t living in FoPo. My first thought was that the owners etal. must be a part of the Foster raceway commuters, and not interested in the solution.

  5. Kaye says:

    See discussion above. 🙂

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