Happy Weekend, Foster People!

There are many romantic corners of the city, but I’m not sure many would count Foster as one of them. There’s the Rose Garden, a walk along the Esplanade, and more restaurants than one can count that provide the intimacy many seek on Valentine’s Day. Foster has Devil’s Point, Midpoint Food and Drink, and Slingshot. Come to think of it, that’s not a terrible alternative. In fact, it’s perfectly fitting for Portland, especially Southeast Portland. And if you dig below the surface a little bit, there is, indeed, a romanticism about Foster. It’s just a more unpolished, almost noir romanticism. We hope you all find it, somehow, this Valentine weekend.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Good news on the maybe-we-can-have-one-less-decaying-and-vacant-retail-building front: the former Save-A-Lot space should become more appealing to prospective tenants/businesses in the coming weeks. As we pointed out earlier in the week, even though Save-A-Lot vacated the space a couple years ago, they still had a lease on the property. That lease expires at the end of February. Cross your fingers for that space to be filled sooner than later, and with something that’s beneficial to the neighborhood.

– Also this week, we caught up with Dan and Jackson from N.W.I.P.A. to discuss how the first few years of business has been at the bottle shop. And if you’re curious what’s on tap (hahaha…pun…hahahaha) in the coming weeks, here’s the event lineup for the remainder of February (in addition to weekly, Burger Mondays):
Saturday, Feb 13- Stealth Pop-up #3 (we’re talking gourmet food on Foster here, folks)
Saturday, Feb 20- Block 15 Bourbon Month
Saturday Feb 27- Third Annual Triple IPA Fest (with guest appearances by Chicken & Guns and Bunk Sandwiches)

– If y’all are in need of some rad, vintage and retro furniture, I Heart Retro is giving a 25% discount on any purchase over $25 this Valentine’s Day weekend—Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Get on it.

– The Doubleclicks are back on Foster, and Red Castle is hosting another late-afternoon musical performance by the self-proclaimed “geeks.” The Doubleclicks play comedic, sometimes game-themed, kid-friendly songs of empowerment and fun. If you have $10 to spend (or $20 for the whole family), check them tomorrow, Feb 13, at 2pm.

– Is it us, or does it seem like a bar on Foster is subject to armed-robbery every year or so? Bob and Alice’s got it a couple times before they changed hands (and became Starday Tavern); I believe Red’s was hit not too long ago. Now Foster Gardens.

Here’s your upcoming entertainment:
FoPo Tavern- Ferociously Funny Fridays (ten comics, ten minutes each), tonight at 9 pm
Starday Tavern- The Amber Harlan Granmo Trio (jazz), tonight at 9 pm
NWIPA- Stealth Pop-up #3 (guest chef…good food), Saturday at 6 pm
Backstory Books- read aloud for the kiddos, Saturday at 10:30 am
Red Castle Games- Doubleclicks, Saturday at 2 pm
O’Malley’s- The Dickels (bluegrass) play “A very blue Valentine,” Sunday at 7 pm
Portland Mercado- Karaokazo! Spanish Sing Along, Tuesday at 6 pm
Bar Carlo- Hot Club of Hawthorne (jazz), Wednesday at 7 pm

Have a good weekend, y’all….

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