So about that Save-A-Lot space…

That long-vacant, exceptionally large retail space next to Dollar Tree? Yeah, it was a Save-A-Lot not too long ago. And there’s still a sign serving as remnant next-door where a laundromat once existed.

This is not distant history, but both have been vacant long enough to become the scorn of neighbors, mostly due to the feeling of desolation and sorely missed opportunity for neighborhood-serving retail—perhaps a grocery store. (I will say, the silver lining is that it’s offered a place for skaters to hone their craft).

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 6.51.06 AM

Google Street View

However, with the tendency of local property owners to let their holdings sit idle and slowly deteriorate, as well as the number of grocers that have expanded just close enough to make this location less viable (think Winco at 82nd and Powell, and New Seasons on Woodstock), it seemed like all hope had been lost for this space to bring something positive to the neighborhood.

Well, we’re not here to provide hope, per se, but rather let you all know the outlook for 6828 SE Foster isn’t so gloomy.

We spoke to a broker for the building’s property manager, and they explained why the space has been empty for so long. It’s been discussed before, but the broker confirmed that when Save-A-Lot closed shop, they still held the lease for the space. That meant a couple things: the landlord was able to collect a check without a tenant in place (easy money) AND any prospective sublessor would have to pay equal to what Save-A-Lot was, but more likely more to encourage the landlord to give up the good life of collecting said easy money. That’s speculation, surely, but the broker did confirm that they had trouble finding someone willing to sublease the property. (We just ran with that information and added extra detail.)

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 7.08.11 AM


So, where’s the less-gloomy outlook, you say?

According to the broker, Save-A-Lot’s lease expires this month. Or, more accurately, at the end of this month (February). What’s more, the broker feels they may have a feel for prospective tenants and some interest may already have been expressed. And to go further, the commercial real estate website,, has an updated listing for the site as of 2/5/16. Short of an Auto Zone or S&M Sex Dungeon, I think anything would be better than what we have now. Maybe. In any event, we’ve also heard rumors of people scoping the property, with one party possibly interested in turning the laundry space into a gym. Again, just rumors. Still, things may be looking up at Foster Square.

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13 Responses to So about that Save-A-Lot space…

  1. Jon Con says:

    I’ve long thought a Trader Joe’s would do well here. Even if there is one on 39th and 82nd.

  2. 62ndgarden says:

    this makes me even more crazy that they wouldn’t allow us to put a Foster Window Project in the windows while it was vacant. THEY KNEW it was going to sit like that and wouldn’t even let us improve the view!

  3. Adam Herstein says:

    It’s too bad nothing will be done with that massive surface parking lot in front.

  4. Kaye says:

    Omigosh, I hope so! Having businesses in that space would be awesome, and go a long way to keeping the g*ddam taggers away. You think the front of the property is bad, check out the tagging in back. 😛 A Trader Joe’s would be awesome! And maybe they would do some infill building in that ginormous parking lot? The Dutch Bros could use some company, and they are an absolute magnet – best Dutch Bros in the city, and plenty of draw. 🙂

  5. Kari says:

    The parking alone you would think would be a selling point. Especially for a business like TJ’s. I would also love to see a brewery or tap room type restaurant with outside seating on some of that black top. Something with daytime hours that didn’t require you to sit in the smoking section if you wanted to be outside like many of the joints close by.

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  7. elizabeth says:

    Any updates about this space? Looks like they’re going to start doing stuff to both the spaces. *fingers crossed*

  8. William Griffus says:

    They have been working on it for the last few months and currently are working on the parking lot as well. From what I see, it looks like DaVita is moving in. Kidney Dialysis place.

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