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Willamette Week

Ok, we’ve finally recovered after the whole Bob White fiasco. We tempered our expectations and looked for other positives to distract us. Fortunately, we have places like Performance Works NW, the various bars that serve as live music venues, the Hallowed Halls and Green Noise Records putting on shows, and rumors that the Day Theater may open as a theater someday.

And now we discovered this (from the Portland Tribune):

Continuing at Fertile Ground, “Ethyl’s Pies: A Comedy of Deception in Two Acts” (Jan. 22-31, Y Arts Little Theater, 6036 S.E. Foster Road) by Spring 4th Productions is a darkly comedic story of patrons Gollihar and Sieren (the creators of the play) and their days at a down-at-the-heels diner once famous for pies and salty service. 

We had no idea that Y Arts was participating in the Fertile Ground Festival. Super rad, if you ask us. We’re a bit late to the game, but it looks like you still have time to catch a showing of “Ethyl’s Pies.” One way to show Fertile Ground and Y Arts that we can sustain an arts/entertainment scene and venue is to go support it. Consider checking it out…

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2 Responses to Get More Theater

  1. pdxnaturenut says:

    My wife and I just came from the play (thanks for the heads up!). It was SO good! Very funny, very tender, and just a little sad. You should definitely check it out!


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