Goodbye Walt’s, Hello Ginger Salon?

Call us sentimental, fine, but we do get a little weepy when longtime establishments shutter.

Now, to be sure, we’re not so sentimental that we don’t welcome change. For example, Bob & Alice’s. As wonderfully dive-y as it was in all its old-person glory, we were good with the change. Ditto for Softipper Darts. And we’ll feel the same way when half the auto shops on Foster follow suit.

But there are always a few that are hard to see go the way of “Old Portland.”

Smokey’s, for example.

The Bob White Theater (as brief as its rebirth was).

And Guapo Comics and Coffee. (I know, they probably don’t count—we just like reminiscing).

IMG_3433And we’ll probably feel nostalgic if the taxidermy shop were to ever close.

Well, another Foster-area institution is closing, soon to make way for another salon. Ok, to clarify, we’re using the word institution pretty loosely. You know…for dramatic effect. If it’s all the same, though, let’s briefly send a collective farewell to Walt’s, the classic barbershop that sneakily occupied the storefront in between Tango Berretin and Overseas Taste on Holgate, just across the street from Laurelwood Park. To give him his propers, Walt’s was actually “Walt Anderson’s Barber and Style.” And he gave a clean haircut for only $15.

Sadly, though, Walt’s is no longer. Just like that.

IMG_3421In its place? Wait for it….another salon. Like we mentioned before, Foster does things in multiples of three or four. So, joining the ranks of Salon Mojo and Wild at Heart Salon just a few blocks up the road is Ginger Salon. Well, we don’t actually know if it’ll be called Ginger’s. But the storefront’s new tenant owns Ginger Salon in Irvington, and another one in the Pearl. We can only presume that her third salon will be called Ginger, too.

Snark aside, Ginger Salon appears to be pretty legit in its own right. And they appear to have a growing empire. So once the demo and remodel are done, and the dust clears, check ’em out.

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5 Responses to Goodbye Walt’s, Hello Ginger Salon?

  1. Alex says:

    I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, RIP Smokey’s

  2. Blake says:

    I really liked Walt. He is a kind man and gave a decent haircut for a smoking price. He was also really good with my boys. Any idea on what happened with Walt the man?

    • Hey, Deanna here, Owner of Ginger Salon (soon to be Foster). Walt didn’t leave any info with me on where he was moving to, and when I searched further, the landlord’s manager (yes this is very 3rd person) said that Walt wasn’t going to do barbering anymore so he didn’t renew his lease. That’s all the info I’ve got, hope it helps!

      • Holly says:

        I visited ginger for the first time today. I dig the decor (especially the beautiful ceiling and that cuckoo clock). My haircut is fantastic. And I love the product line you carry. I am so glad you opened shop on Foster!!!

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