Torta-Landia Is Growing, Will Get More Space for Your Drinking Pleasure

IMG_3361Yes, the oddly designed space we all know and love as Torta-Landia, and its accompanying bar and arcade room, is soon to become even more oddly designed. But that’s ok, because we’ll be netting more drinking space after they complete their expansion into the neighboring storefront.

* Oh, and for the record, we have nothing against odd spaces. And to be fair to Torta, the multi-room restaurant and bar was oddly designed before they took over the building’s ground floor. Perhaps someone with a better grasp on neighborhood lore can tell us if it pre-dated Coffee Lovers Coffee and the Rock Bar (yes, that’s what was there before).IMG_3358

Back to more drinking space.

For those that have been to Torta lately, you may have noticed a new door (or what appears to be a new door were it not covered by plywood) leading to the space next-door to the south. Maybe it was once an insurance office, not sure. In any event, perhaps you’ve noticed, too, that said space has been gutted and there’s some semblance of a bar taking shape. If not, it’s ok, that’s what we’re for.

We don’t have many details yet, just that you can probably expect a more intimate space (read: small, but not so small it’s uncomfortable), more tequila, and a lot of confused IMG_3360passersby when stumbling to Torta for the first time (since we’ll assume there will now be three entrances).

Here’s what we like.

More drinking space, yes, but we already said that. We also like that business is doing well enough to expand, and that the owner’s willing to take some risks and get funky with it (they also applied for “Street Seats” a couple years ago). We like that there’s IMG_2577one less vacant space in the neighborhood. And we like that SE 60th and Foster is becoming its own little hub—Botanica dispensary just opened to the north of Torta, and the new bar expansion creeps a little closer toward Foster itself, where it combines with Meticon Bikes, Velvet Goldmine, Nayar Taqueria, Green Noise Records, and the assortment of shops across the street to create a vibrant little node of commercial activity.

Kudos to Torta. Hopefully there are no snafus in getting the space up and running

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