Seen in FoPo



Gotta love it…



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2 Responses to Seen in FoPo

  1. JennB says:

    Clearly it’s a T-Rex, although not to size per dinosaur experts 🙂 Rex has been an icon of the neighborhood for 15 years roughly, and originated two blocks down on 70th & Boise. The maker of the dino worked at a steel factory, and decided one day to make a dinosaur. When his house went into foreclosure and the sheriff came to the door, he packed up his RV and headed to Las Vegas. And I got the dino (it was a fun moving party). His eyes glow at night (colors change seasonally or for the holiday), come by and check it out! Happy to see I finally made the FoPo blog. And for a secret superhero reveal, the violin playing chicken lives next door. Love my hood!


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