Kern Park Flower Shoppe Gets Jiggy With It

We have plenty of booze in the neighborhood. But we suppose there’s always room for more. Maybe Kern Park Flower Shoppe is getting in on the bottle game—wine or beer to go? So would suggest a recent liquor license application from the neighborhood flower shop located at SE 67th and Holgate.

Oregon Liquor Control Commission

Oregon Liquor Control Commission

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4 Responses to Kern Park Flower Shoppe Gets Jiggy With It

  1. Greg says:

    Off-Premises license:

    Maybe selling bottles of champagne to go with celebratory flower arrangements?

  2. That seems like the most plausible explanation.

  3. Mindy French says:

    The license if for them to add wine to their flower arrangements. Ive spoken directly with the owners about this.

  4. Thanks for replying Mindy. Yes, we’re shooting to add wine to go with our flowers and Moonstruck chocolates!! Oh, and we’re going to also be partnering with a local cheesecake business as well as a local candle maker.
    Make sure to keep us in mind.

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