What $2,150 Gets You on Foster

IMG_2885Ok, you have a business idea. Maybe you have a small amount of money to invest, too. You want to set up shop on Foster because, like we all know, it’s the place to be. Now you just need a space to rent—say, 1,600 square feet.

Easy, right?

Wrong. Unless you have a cool $2,150 to spend a month.

Apparently that’s the going rate for move-in-ready retail space in the “Heart of Foster.” (Though, we can safely assume there’s an abundance of not-so-move-in-ready spaces that could be had for much cheaper.)

Craigslist -- Retail Space for Lease

Craigslist — Retail Space for Lease

The bad news is that it’s $2,150 per month. The slightly less bad news is that maybe we’re naive and $2,150 isn’t so much. The good news is that you can call Henry Higgins Bagels, Rose and Dagger Tattoo, and Red Castle Games immediate neighbors. Not too shabby, especially when you consider you can get a beer, cocktail, coffee, dinner, breakfast, or sit in the park by walking across the street or one block in either direction. That’s the Heart of Foster for you, folks. So maybe the gettin’s good. Maybe you should take your $2,150 and claim your spot on the strip.

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7 Responses to What $2,150 Gets You on Foster

  1. Betsy says:

    Do you know what Kern Park Florist is going to do with the liquor license? I’m hoping for wine! 🙂

  2. spaceboy says:

    Well let’s see here. This space is a little over $16/SF/year. Williams, Division, Clinton, Belmont, and any area near a New Seasons are all $24-$32 per square. The price seems maybe a little over-optimistic, but in the right ballpark.

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