Happy Weekend, Foster People!

The weekend is back. And it feels so nice. It seems crazy, especially since it felt like just a couple weeks ago we were still basking in 70-degree sun, but it’s supposed to nudge past 60 today. Enjoy it, because the rain’s coming hard for you after that.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– So that new old bookstore we were talking about a few weeks ago…it’s about to be a thing. As we mentioned previously, Backstory Books recently vacated their spot at Carts on Foster for bigger and fancier digs on Foster Road itself. With a new storefront (at 6010 SE Foster) in hand, and books moved, we now have an opening date: November 13. Yes, that would be in one week. Check ’em out for all your used-book needs.

– Joining Backstory Books in their opening is Latchkey Gallery, Foster’s newest art gallery. (We say newest because they wouldn’t be the only one. Remember, BenWill Studio opened this summer on SE 67th, just north of Foster. Yay for more art.) Latchkey will be opening at 6004 SE Foster, which now makes for a pretty intriguing stretch of businesses. In fact, this stretch, combined with the handful of spaces across the street and to the west, just might take the cake in terms of complete offerings of rad and diverse businesses on Foster. Just think: across the street we have Meticon Bikes, Velvet Goldmine, Nayar Taqueria, Green Noise Records (and even Torta-landia and the new Botanica dispensary); back on the south side of the street, there’s the aforementioned Backstory Books and Latchkey Gallery, as well as Tambayan, Heads High Barber, FoPo Tavern and more.

– And while we’re on openings, let’s not forget that Henry Higgins has a new neighbor: Rose & Dagger Tattoo.

– Not quite an opening, but sorta…Blazin Ribs & Teriyaki debuted yesterday at Starday Tavern, slangin’ their ribs, Korean BBQ, teriyaki and more. What does this mean for you? Well, you can now get some decent food with your drinks and (many nights) live music. Sure, we’re not world-beaters when it comes to food on Foster, but we definitely have some options. Add Blazin Ribs & Teriyaki to the list.

– Here’s your entertainment for the next few days:
FoPo Tavern- Ferociously Funny Fridays
Stardy Tavern- The Quags, Friday at 9; Research and Development, Saturday at 9:30; Jankaraoke, Sunday at 9
NWIPA- Laurelwood’s “Eazy Duz It” IIPA Release Party, Friday at 5pm

As always, let us know of any other events or happenings in the ‘hood. Be cool, everyone.

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