Fall Fest Puts Shine on Community Garden

It’s easy to measure the growth and vibrancy of our neighborhood by looking at Foster Road itself (or Powell or 82nd)—it’s commercial corridor; places to shop; development and investment. But the real strength of our community is in its people. This was on full display last Saturday at the Foster-Powell Community Garden.









Here’s what you missed at last weekend’s Fall Fest…











What was once a gas station at SE 62nd and Powell, and most recently a vacant ODOT-owned lot….









…is now a space for growing…









…and gathering…









…and community.









Continued thanks and praise go to Vicki Wilson and John Larsen, and the whole garden committee and volunteers who’ve made this come together.


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2 Responses to Fall Fest Puts Shine on Community Garden

  1. 62ndgarden says:

    These are great pictures! Thank you so much for capturing these moments and your succinct appraisal (I’ve been writing one for 62ndgarden for days and I can’t seem to cut it down). I think I’ll link yours 🙂

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