Foster Buds Gets Some Competition

And Torta-Landia has a new neighbor…






…with a fancy new facade.









Say what you want about dispensaries, but this corner of Foster has an intriguing mix of businesses that could challenge the “Heart of Foster.” In addition to Botanica and Torta (pictured), Meticon Bikes is across the street, with Velvet Goldmine, Nayar Taqueria, Mike’s Antiques and Green Noise Records as their neighbors; and HeadsHigh Barbershop, the soon-to-be Backstory Books, Wild at Heart Salon and Tambayan Filipino  restaurant (among others) across the street in the other direction.


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2 Responses to Foster Buds Gets Some Competition

  1. Krs says:

    Yay another Weed store! How about another strip club too! You know we don’t seem to have enough in the neighborhood. We already ready have too many grocery stores and restaurants to walk to here.

  2. Jess says:

    I do like the new facade! It looks great.


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