Fancy Renderings to Lure Developer to Foster? - hypothetical development for 5816 SE Foster – hypothetical development for 5816 SE Foster

Fancy is relevant. But this sure looks like the fanciest thing Foster has ever seen.

“Division Creep?”

Well, it hasn’t actually happened yet. And maybe it won’t. But the agent for a plot of land at 5816 SE Foster sees apartments, mixed-use, and lots of red and yellow Porsches. At least that’s what the Sim City-esque rendering and marketing flier would suggest. And this being Portland and all, it might not be too far off.

After all, the YMCA at 6306 SE Foster is being proposed for a complete rebuild and the addition of 57 units of four-story housing. It still feels surreal that this could be our future, though.

Google Maps

Google Maps

Could it?

Maybe. Probably definitely. Who knows? The property has to sell first. And whoever buys it would have to like yellow and red Porshes. Or they could have their own vision. But again, the property has to sell first. And to this point, we’ve yet to see any large-scale property sales on Foster. (Yes, I’m completely ignoring the fact that Nick Storie sold the Bob White Theatre for use as storage space. Ugh!) Oh, and then there’s the little fact that this property is now in round-three of marketing after first going on the market over a year ago. (See, we detailed round-two here. And round-one here.) But previous rounds didn’t have yellow and red Porsches and the allure of Division Creep. So there’s that.

There’s also the fact that Portland desperately needs more housing. And if we want the Foster-area to remain relatively affordable (or at least slow the inevitable un-affordability), adding multi-family rental units to the supply will help. Though, we can do without all the Porsches.

To be continued…

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11 Responses to Fancy Renderings to Lure Developer to Foster?

  1. pdxnaturenut says:

    Oooh… I like Porsches! And they make bikes, too!
    Seriously though, Division creep is not something I’m really hoping for, but I do think increased density along Foster is the key to a more viable/attractive commercial presence. So I kind of like the thought of some nice looking, mixed-use buildings going up. (I reserve the right to change my mind in 3-5 years).

  2. joemama says:

    Well. It says sale pending. So maybe the little graphic worked.

  3. Rachel says:

    I would sure hope that the ground floor of any such development would be retail space. Though I do also hope that any large apartment building on Foster would be required to have parking too, in some capacity. I really hope that Foster develops in a slower, more thoughtful, less claustrophobia inducing way than Division.

  4. Jason says:

    Looks to me that fancy rendering was done in Minecraft.

  5. Spiffy says:

    those are Chargers, maybe Corvette’s, but not Porsches…

  6. Adam Herstein says:

    Foster really does need more mixed-use buildings. Too much of Foster is single-story retail with parking lots. A bit of height and residential could certainly help give Foster some more street life.

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