FoPo in a Nutshell

It’s not uncommon for Portland’s weeklies to be a bit amiss when it comes to their geography. In many cases, East Portland gets lopped off the map altogether. And, typically, anything bordering East Portland usually sees its neighborhood boundaries misrepresented somehow.

We won’t complain too much, though, as Foster has been getting a lot of play lately. Dare I say, it’s been all the rage?

With that being said, we thought it interesting that the Merc’s neighborhood guide in this week’s “Welcome to Portland! A Guide for the Newcomers to Town” issue lumped FoPo/Lents/East Portland into one neighborhood. It would make sense to lump us in with Lents—it would make more sense to lump us in with Mt. Scott-Arleta—but East Portland is a wide swath of land that deserves its own recognition and propers (not to mention the areas aren’t overly connected in a geographic sense).

Squabble we won’t though. We just wanted to share the Merc’s general description of the neighborhood:
    “This is where I live now, as do many of my friends in their 30s who scraped together enough cash to buy, but not enough to buy somewhere fancy. Great old-timers, lots of young families, and still plenty of grit. It’s a lot more ethnically diverse than other neighborhoods. Best Asian food in town. More than one Russian grocery store. And the jewel in our humble crown is the newly opened Portland Mercado, which I highly encourage you to visit even if it means the rest of us will have to wait in line.”

Geography not withstanding, I’d say they nailed it (though, good luck scraping enough cash to buy…them days is long gone).

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