Why SMART Collective is Way Radder Than You Think (Part II)

SMART CollectiveYes, it gets better. SMART Collective is way more deserving of your patronage, support and overall gushing (as we have) than we attempted to prove to you yesterday.

I know we gushed, but we left one little thing out. In addition to their overall radness and upcoming anniversary party (which you’re all going to, right?), they have another little event that should be worth your attendance. And you don’t have to wait as long as you do for their birthday bash nearly two weeks from now.

SMART merch markFolks, we present to you SMART Collective’s inaugural Merch Market / Open Mic, a combination of art, music, goodies for sale, DIY flea market, and vibes…lots of good vibes. Oh, and some young energy that you old curmudgeons could use (I know I can).

Thanks to Olivia, who runs the venue at SMART Collective, we got the rundown of what is hoped to be a regular event if all goes well. That means you all have to help make it worth their while.

SMART hats and boardsHere’s what you’ll get:

Several Bands
Open Mic

Come by and read some poetry, play some music, and/or buy some art. Or just poke your head inside and see what the hype is all about. Ok, end gushing. See you Saturday, September 19, from 1-4 pm. 6923 SE Foster.

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3 Responses to Why SMART Collective is Way Radder Than You Think (Part II)

  1. Susan says:

    Ben is a great guy. I really appreciate all the time he spends with the kids that hang out there. Mine included. Great place! Here’s to many more years.

  2. Cheers to that!

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