So What Ever Became of the Bob White Theatre?

Portland Maps / 6423 SE Foster Road

The short answer is ‘nothing.’

The slightly longer answer is ‘nothing that should garner any excitement…unless you’re the type to get stoked on storage space and the closure of a historic theater.’

The complicated answer is this:

Stacked Holdings LLC is now the owner on record (as per Portland Maps) after buying the historic theater from Nick Storie, who made a handsome profit on the building just a few years after promising to turn the space into a community asset. Who or what Stacked Holdings is, we don’t know. But a Tonkon Torp LLC lawyer who specializes in estate planning, dissolution & death taxes and, among other things, wealthy families, is listed as the registered agent for the company.

Screen shot 2015-08-23 at 1.36.25 PM

State Records, SOS; Articles of Organization – Limited Liability Company

See, complicated. And that’s all we know.

It’s not clear what Stacked Holdings is as a company. But some form of storage does not seem far-fetched based on the name. And that’s what the rumors pointed to all along, despite hope upon hope that the theater would be saved.

But why is a tax lawyer the registered agent, and what would the Bob White-as-storage facility have to do with a law firm?

That’s the question that still baffles. Or maybe we’re just disgruntled. (Both are fair assessments.) In the meantime, our once-theater-to-be is simply storage space with a (not so) fancy marquee.

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3 Responses to So What Ever Became of the Bob White Theatre?

  1. christine says:

    I got no dog in this but when you say “handsome profit” does that mean you have a good idea how much cash was sunk into the place prior to selling it? Are you suggesting Nick didn’t make a good-faith effort before cutting his losses? You may have far greater insight than I, but I had the impression that a lot of cash was poured into the theatre trying to revive it…….

    • We do know purchase price and what it was sold for. There’s no saying for sure how much was invested into renovations, though. Anecdotal evidence says upgrades were made, but not all by the owner…and definitely not enough to bring the venue up to code or fully functional.

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