Macro Brewfest Marks Six Years; You Get Cheap Beer and Pizza

It’s that time of year again. One of O’Malley’s two big, yearly events—St. Patrick’s Day being the other—takes place this Thursday through Saturday, 8/20 – 22.

For those new to the neighborhood, with more refined beer tastes (snobs), or who have somehow not managed to find your way into O’Malley’s (shame on you), behold: the Sixth Annual Macro Brewfest.

As we said last year, “…celebrate “the beers that everyone drinks but is afraid to admit.” So own your shitty-beer-drinking ways and get down to O’Malley’s. The three-day event begins with live comedy [Thursday]….continuing with [live music Friday and Saturday]…”

imageNot much changes this year. The devil’s in the details, though, so here they are:
The action starts Thurday with an evening comedy competition hosted by Big Jim Willig. Friday brings live music from Jake Ray and the Cow Dogs, Air Knives, and Advisory. Saturday is funk night with DJ Montel Spinozza. Throughout the three-day event, be treated* (if that’s what you want to call it) to 16 varieties of tall boys that will beg for your voting rights. And vote you will. The tall boy with the most votes over three days will be crowned king and become house tall boy for a year.

Call it a simple idea. We call it genius.

The suckers of you can spend all you want for extra IBUs somewhere else. We’re getting cheep beer and pizza**.

* treated does not = free
** speaking of pizza, Thrillist recently included O’Malley’s in their list of Best Pizza in Portland

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5 Responses to Macro Brewfest Marks Six Years; You Get Cheap Beer and Pizza

  1. GreyDuck says:

    Why not put in an address for those of us that don’t know where the place is? Kind of important to the story, no? Who, what, WHERE, when, why?

    • You took the time to leave a comment. I’d suggest you do the same and either a) venture out to Foster and explore a little or b) type “O’Malley’s and Foster” into google–surely that would be more productive than complaining. Or, if you look at the image we provided, you’d see there actually is an address posted.

      Thanks for reading…

    • spaceboy says:

      Yeah, how dare the person who writes this great blog (which is entirely free, and exists only to encourage us to support and explore our neighborhood) not provide every single detail you feel is important?! The nerve!

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