Squirrel Saves Portland, and Foster Gets More Art

Take a gentrifying octopus, sick a people’s-champ-crusading squirrel on its ass, and watch Portland be saved.

Super SquirrelWhat?

Ok, one more time (try and follow):

Portland is overrun with rising rents. Mom-and-pop businesses can’t afford to keep up. One such business, an aquarium store, is forced to close shop. Said business is forced to dump its prized octopus in the Willamette (because, well, where else would you dump an octopus?). The octopus mutates as a result of its toxic environment. Mutant octopus wreaks havoc on the city. The city must be saved (because, well, everyone hates California and Portland is just not your grandfather’s Portland anymore). So saved it is…by a flying squirrel.

See, simple. And to show its simplicity, the kind folks behind the Foster Window Project will be making a 3D replication of this narrative. With your help, of course. And you better help, because 3D replications of squirrels combatting gentrifying octopi is no easy task. (Try it yourself if you disagree.)

These folks first worked their magic on the Phoenix Pharmacy building, and now they’re bringing their talents to the former-future or someday-still-to-be Cafe Red. The window space next to Red Castle will soon play host to the “squirrel eats octopus, thus saves Portland from gentrification” narrative with a 3D adaptation and art installation.

IMG_0024Rad, right? Right.

While the mural on the Phoenix Pharmacy added some flare to the historic but sadly and decidedly decaying building, the next installment of the Foster Window Project aims to go a different direction all together. The next project will involve a similar neighbor-participation-work-party, but will have a much different look and feel. It will definitely bring life to a long-vacant storefront, which will someday expand the Red Castle empire in some capacity. But until that happens, we get art. Vibrant and cooky art. You better love it, because nowhere else in Portland are you going to find a 3D octopus-eating squirrel.

If you want to get involved, which you should, join your friends and neighbors this Friday and Saturday, from 12 – 8, at the future Cafe Red site (6416 SE Foster). Show up for 10 minutes or 2 hours or more…any amount will be appreciated.

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