Developable Lot for Sale. Again.

Apparently there were no takers when we posted this over a year ago. But in that time the real estate market has gone nuts; Foster has warmed itself to a new wave of bar-goers; a few more retail shops have opened along the corridor; and nobody can afford anything west of Foster now (or southwest, north, or…dang, diagonal streets). Oh, and that Streetscape thing is actually gonna happen now.

This time around, though, there would be precedent for development in the area. (See proposal for apartments w/rebuild of YMCA.)

So here it is again, 5816 SE Foster, posted at the same price: $330,000 for .2 acres of developable land sandwiched between Slingshot and FoPo Tavern—or between ‘Use It Again’ thrift store and ‘Recovering the Northwest Custom Upholstery’ if we’re underselling the property. Screen shot 2015-08-11 at 7.52.17 PMWe’ll go with the good, though, for you’d also be near-neighbors with Salon Mojo, and a stone’s throw from Nayar Taqueria, Green Noise Records, Meticon Bikes, and Velvet Goldmine.

So what do you get for $330,000? Speculation mostly. But you can also build 45-feet high of whatever your heart desires. If you’re a betting person, that would probably be apartments. But it can be commercial, too. Or both. Or you can just sit on the vacant plot and wait another year for someone else to pay you more than you paid. But that’s what bad people do. We’d prefer you do something fun with the land.

* Listing info via Ianos Realty and Oodle Marketplace

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3 Responses to Developable Lot for Sale. Again.

  1. Spiffy says:

    this is more like 5801 SE Boise since this is a back lot with no Foster Rd access… the Use It Again and Cascade Building Supply already take up the Foster-facing parts of 5816 SE Foster…

  2. True. The address is a bit deceptive. Just like with the YMCA rebuild and apartments to the rear, a non-Foster-facing development doesn’t take full advantage of the commercial corridor and future “main street” improvements.

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