Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Well, we’re almost at August’s mid-point. And on a cloudy (rainy?) day, what better reminder that the sun and heat are indeed temporary in Portland. There’s still summer left, though, and we have plenty of opportunity to break our now-record-tying 24 days of 90-plus degrees in 2015. Enjoy the weekend, all.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– So this week we learned that the 97206 is still selling like hot cakes AND the Foster Streetscape Plan is actually a thing. Do these things combined, for better or for worse, mark the beginning of the end for the Foster area as we know it? We shall see.

– Speaking of the “beginning of the end,” I guess this “I, Anonymous” writer has strong views on the direction the neighborhood is going (from the Merc):
    “Take Downtown. Have all of Belmont, Hawthorne, Stark, and Division but leave my beloved FOPO alone. For years it has been my safe haven from yuppie hipster dicks with their purebred dogs and fucking babies. There used to be exciting hoards of junkies and homeless people walking down the middle of my street at all hours of the day, providing endless amounts of entertainment as I sat smoking on my porch. What started as a slow trickle turned into a tsunami of Lululemon, $1,000 strollers, and new station wagons. They saunter by my house judging me for sitting out in my pajamas and tsk-tsking my unruly lawn. A stampede of people in boat shoes glued to their smartphones as they trek to the Portland Mercado. Where are the hobos, vagrants, and drunks? Come back to me! I’m bored!—Anonymous”

– And while we’re getting mentions in the weeklies, you can read the Willy Week’s review of recently opened Rose VL Deli at 65th and Powell: here.

– Just a reminder: Performance Works NW is celebrating 15 years of rockin the alternative and experimental dance and performing arts scene. Right here in your very own neighborhood. Celebrate with them Saturday, August 15, with various performances, beer, tamales, pinball, and raffles. Seriously, do it. Fun runs from 7 – 11 pm at 4625 SE 67th Ave (between Foster and Holgate).

– Green Noise Records made the list of “21 Record Stores You Need To Visit Before You Die,” published by LovinTrends.com. They join a list that includes Amoeba, Rasputin, and a host of other stores across the country and beyond. Well done, gang!

– It’s kickball time again, with a dash of neighborhood pride and gamesmanship. The FoPo Pirates are taking on Lents in a rematch of last year’s game. Hopefully Lents gets a little more representation, as last year they borrowed a few FoPo’ians in order to field a full team. (We won, by the way.) This year’s game is on August 22nd at Kern Park. Game starts at 4pm.

– Back to this weekend. Devil’s Point is hosting its Ninth Annual Bikini Car and Dog Wash benefit for Family Dogs New Life (no-kill) Shelter. From 2 – 7 pm, Sunday, get your car or dog washed with live music and food from Carts on Foster…oh, and dancers from Devil’s Point.

– Music at Starday this weekend:
Friday- Super Chill Friday Night with Holly Puckett, Strings of Starday, and the Amber Harlan Granmo Trio; starts at 6:30
Saturday- Aspirin Feast; starts at 9:00

Have a good weekend, all. Be cool, be safe.

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One Response to Happy Weekend, Foster People!

  1. That dude has it right. Fucking babies everywhere, and maybe one out of ten is drunk.

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