97206 Still Hot. Why’s Everyone Selling?

According to the Portland Business Journal, 97206 is the hottest zip code in Portland. Or at least of those that count, because Beaverton/Aloha and Forest Heights/Bethany don’t. (They’d be numbers one and two for most homes sold in the second quarter of 2015.) Coming in at number three is the nine seven-two-oh-six, which, again, pretty much puts us atop the list. (Sorry Aloha and Bethany, wherever you are.)

Mason Walker, Portland Business Journal

Mason Walker, Portland Business Journal

The only question is: why is everyone selling? Ok, we know you all see dollar signs, but what’s better than living off of Foster? Suckers….

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7 Responses to 97206 Still Hot. Why’s Everyone Selling?

  1. Prifecta says:

    Older people dying off and estates selling the asset?

  2. Adam Herstein says:

    I recently bought a home in 97206 and in the past few months of living there have seen lots of for-sale signs on my street and prices go way up. Hoping that’s a good sign for the neighborhood and means more retail (grocery store, please!) and amenities will follow.

  3. Alex says:

    Great lots of new customers for the new Dominatrix Dungeon opening next to Pussycat’s.

    Unfortunately, the Red Light District strengthens…ARGH

    • Wait, what…the Dungeon going public? They’ve always been there, are they opening to outsiders?

      • Alex says:

        They closed for a while (I think) and became a self proclaimed art gallery. Then ran as a studio for making adult films (this is an assumption we’ve made, you’d make it too if you saw the weird folks/props going in and out of there on a daily basis). Yesterday they had a sign up that said something about “Whips n’ Chains Special”. The building was “for lease” a few weeks ago. The guy at Taco Chavez, right next-door, said he wanted it to expand his restaurant but someone beat him to it (no pun intended).

        So we got a sweet line-up on this stretch: pussycats, fantasy land, devils point, seductions, and now the dungeon

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