Happy Weekend, Foster People!

We hope August is treating you well so far. It’s a month with many meanings in Portland: the city goes on a festival rampage before the evenings start chilling off a little more in September; free movies and concerts in the park are in full swing; and Burger Week. Oh, Burger Week.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– So, yeah, Burger Week. It goes down starting Monday, August 10, and runs through the week. Check out the Mercury’s rundown of the event for more info, but know that our very own Foster Burger is participating again. They’ll be pumping out their 24k Burger en masse for only $5.

– So about Double Treble. There was an opening date (August 1), but it passed without an opening. Gemini is definitely no longer, but we have no idea when its replacement will be up and running.

– In the meantime, put Starday’s Grand Opening Party on your radar. On August 29, Starday will make official their place in the Foster bar/night scene with a host of DJ’s spinning house, techno, funk, glitch-hop and more, all aimed to get you moving and having a good time. This is not your grandfather’s Starday (or Bob and Alice’s). Make sure you show out, folks.

– Speaking of music and parties, SMART Collective is rockin’ it. Like for real. The all-ages music venue (and neighboring skate and apparel shop) is hosting three live shows over the next five days. So if you can’t make it out tonight (for Super Chill Open Mic w/Special Guests), or tomorrow (for Static Limbs, Oranges from the President, Little Star, and No Better), you can show up Tuesday (Grrrl Nite, Naked Hour, Ricecrackers, Malia Endres). Saturday and Tuesday’s shows start at 5:00 and are $5; students (w/id) get discount or free admission. Open mic tonight is free and starts at 4:00. Oh, and just so you know, this is more than a skate shop with live music. SMART Collective has become a de facto community center for a lot of the neighborhood’s young people. These guys are trying to make the community better. Support ’em.

– And speaking of kids…dang, did you see how many young’ns were at National Night Out Tuesday? The Kern Park party easily had a few hundred people coming, going, dancing, and picnicking. Kids probably outnumbered adults by a two-to-one ratio, maybe more. Madness, I tell you. Great to see the families out in force.

– For what it’s worth, the new owner of the Bob White Theater (yes, we’ll continue to call it a theater out of stubborn hopefulness and/or pure denial) is Stacked Holdings LLC. We don’t know what they’re stacking, or anything else about them for that matter, but the building is officially in their name now (thanks, Portland Maps).

– Happy Two-Year Anniversary, Nayar! That went by quickly…cheers to the next couple. And thanks for making that space look way better than it did before.

– Weekend entertainment:
SMART Collective- see above
Starday- Philophobia, Friday; (local resident by way of NW England) Simon Howlett on the 1’s and 2’s, Saturday night
World Famous Cannabis Cafe (for reals) Jazz Guitars 4 Peace, Friday; the Flat Nines, Saturday night
Performance Works NW- grand finale of (Un)Made Solo Relay, Friday and Saturday nights
FoPo Tavern- Comedy night, Friday; Dance Party, Saturday

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