Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Well, July is going out with a bang. I guess we could have seen this coming back in February, though, when it was abnormally dry and warm; again in May when it was already touching 90 degrees; and then in June when we probably should have just thrown up our hands and cried, “Uncle, we give up.” Hopefully you all find a way to stay cool this weekend.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Not only is it hot, hot, hot, but our little stretch of Foster tends to be a little warmer than the rest of the city. In a recent PSU study, it was found that certain pockets of the city retain and give off more heat than others. For example, shady areas (Forest Park, Laurelhurst, etc) versus low-rise neighborhoods with wide streets and little tree canopy. So it’s no surprise that Foster ranks up there. But a KPTV article yesterday pointed out that the intersection of Foster and 82nd is one of the hottest locations in the entire city. Sheesh, that intersection just can’t catch a break.

– Kern Park is the place to be this Tuesday (and every first Tuesday in August, for that matter). The annual National Night Out party starts at 6:30 with live music, vendors, and a gay ol’ time. It’s always nice to see the neighborhood rally around this event. And if you’re feeling down about the package thefts, tire slashings, and recent uptick in tweakers and scrappers scouring the neighborhood, this will be a refreshing reminder that we have a strong community with a lot of positive energy.

– Speaking of parties in the park, there will be no Fun on Foster this year. Not in Laurelwood Park, not on Foster. Not that expectations are very high for this event—little promotion went into last year’s event, and the year before saw heavy rains lead to its cancellation—but it is something that helps raise awareness for and promote the business district. Just last week, Lents put on a rad Street Fair that showed what such an event can do to bring a neighborhood together and promote the business district. By not having one to show off Foster, we’re missing an opportunity. With that being said, the Foster Area Business Association’s passing on the event this year isn’t out of lack of interest, or so we’re told. Rather, organizers want to make sure the event isn’t some ho-hum, loosely-knit gathering that doesn’t properly excite folks inside the neighborhood or out. In theory, holding off for a year gives the Business Association ample time to make the next Foster festival something worth getting excited over. In its place? We’re told that there will be a holiday tree-lighting in Laurelwood Park. We don’t know the extent of the lighting—whether one tree, multiple, or if there will be revelry involved—but illuminating that park could make for something really special. Cheers to that.

– World Famous Cannabis Café to celebrate its grand opening on Foster this afternoon.

– I imagine this next tidbit will be of particular interest to the parents of you. Pieper Café is now serving beer, with wine not far behind. With a lack of kid-friendly places to have a drink on Foster, this is good news. Not that we encourage drinking and parenting (actually, we embrace it), but you get the point.

– And speaking of drinking, Double Treble is supposed to open this weekend in the former Gemini Lounge space. Expect motorcycles.

– Apparently SE 62nd Avenue is too far east in the eyes of Car2Go. In a cost-cutting measure, the car sharing company will only be sharing if you live in the central core of the city. In other words, not in St. Johns, not east of 60th – 62nd. Talk about dividing a neighborhood—that about splits two-thirds of the neighborhood out of the market. Way to go, Car2Go.

– Instead of individually listing all the bars that have music (hint: O’Malley’s and Starday) and trivia and karaoke and grand openings, and all the rad shops that are deserving of your patronage, we’re just gonna say this: go support your Foster area businesses. Seriously, like, do it. Not all, just your favorites. And feel free to branch out a little. It’s not just good for the folks who’ve taken a gamble by opening businesses on Foster, but it makes our neighborhood and commercial corridor more vibrant and sustainable.

Enjoy the weekend, good people. Stay cool.

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5 Responses to Happy Weekend, Foster People!

  1. Spiffy says:

    there is also a memorial protest at 4:30 this afternoon at Foster and Holgate to commemorate the person killed in a hit and run at Holgate and 62nd and draw attention to the problem of people getting killed on the streets…


  2. Spiffy says:

    with car2go this is good and bad news… I’ve been meaning to use the service less and bike/bus more… now they no longer serve my home area… problem solved… thanks car2go!

  3. Mike S. says:

    I really wish you would say what music is going to be at O’Malley’s, it’s well nigh impossible to get the info elsewhere…..as a matter of fact it’s why I checked the Fopo blog today!


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