Happy Weekend, Foster People!

We only have a week left in July. Madness. And we know August will zoom by just as quickly, so make sure you’re getting your fill of summer activities. The weather turns gray and wet by tomorrow, but only in time to cool things down before another stretch of mid-90’s heat.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– So the Portland Mercado is finding their first stumbling block. Within a couple-day span, two of the businesses inside the market hall have announced their departure. Revolucion Coffee has already packed up and ended their operation; El Carnicero will be next, as this weekend will be their last serving up tasty meets in the butcher shop. Why is this a stumbling block for the Mercado? Not enough business is being directed inside. Sure, we’ve all seen the lines for food outside. But inside? Foot traffic has mostly been represented by people perusing, not buying. Kaah Market seems to be doing ok, but Revolucion Coffee and El Carnicero did not get the business their products warranted. Some of that blame falls on us, though…we need to be supporting the businesses we want in the neighborhood. Ditto for the rest of the businesses on Foster. Support local, y’all.

– Don’t forget that the first Tuesday of August (this year it’s the 4th) is National Night Out, which also means it’s the neighborhood’s big party night in Kern Park. This year will bring the band When We Met, who will play live on the blacktop; vendors; face-painting; and fun for the whole family. Tuesday, August 4, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

– Fun / Fuck

– Ok, we won’t just leave it at that. If you’re curious what Fun/Fuck is, check out Performance Works NW tonight at 8 and/or 9 pm. Linda Austin is doing some pretty amazing things over there, and she’ll soon be celebrating 15 years of running Performance Works NW…right here in the neighborhood. 15 years! So that means if you haven’t checked them out yet, you’re about 15 years behind.

– Neighborhood food news:
* Bar Maven has a new rotating “special menu” that should entice the foodies of you. (Or the drinkers of you who like good food. Either one.) Every other Thursday and Friday will bring a new menu that surely should appeal to those who secretly or loudly yearn for more food variety on Foster. For example: fried crab and risotto cakes, pistachio encrusted lamb and Israeli couscous, and grilled mushroom sliders.
* Also, An Xuyen landed the number one spot on Eater PDX’s list of Top Ten Cheap Eats in the city.
* Midpoint Food and Drink doesn’t get nearly enough hype in the neighborhood. If you haven’t been and need a reason, they have 2-fo-1 vouchers via Portland Mercury’s Merc Perks.

– Other weekend entertainment:
FoPo Tavern- standup comedy, Friday night; live DJ dance party, Saturday night
O’Malley’s- big show Saturday night: Dwight Dickinson, Delaney and Paris, The Latter Day Skanks, and Mr. Plow. Show starts at 9 pm, $5 cover
Starday Tavern- Airport and After the Festival, Saturday at 8:30; Kickass Karaoke, Sunday at 8pm

– Speaking of Starday, check out the profile we did on new owners, Justin and Shannon Amrine.

Alright, good people…enjoy the weekend.

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8 Responses to Happy Weekend, Foster People!

  1. Spiffy says:

    I don’t drink coffee or eat meat… I did buy churros from the coffee place when they weren’t being made fresh outside… mostly I just eat at Fernando’s Alegria because they have multiple vegan burrito/wrap options… but I do wander into Kaah Market when needed…

  2. Oh yeah, the non- coffee and meat drinkers/eaters. I guess they wouldn’t appeal in that case. Cheers to supporting the market, though.

  3. Matthew Micetic says:

    Sunday is the Lents Street Fair too!

  4. endrikat says:

    That coffee shop was the best thing to hit the neighborhood and quickly became a staple of my Saturday mornings. I am very sad to hear they are gone so soon.

  5. PWNW says:

    Bummer! I did patronize both places….loved that the coffee place served Atoles!

  6. Lisa says:

    What an absolute bummer about the butcher shop and the coffee shop. They always struck me as doing better than the chiccarones outlet (it’s name escapes me) and Fruit Box. But if you think about it, the businesses that are closing required you to go inside of the space and didn’t have a very prominent street front presence on Foster.

  7. It’s a bummer, indeed. We’re hoping this forces some changes…as you say, finding a way to direct more people inside will be important.

  8. Sarah says:

    Oh man, I am very sad to hear about the coffee shop…it was a delightful treat some mornings after walking my kiddo over to Arleta (which I guess tells you something, it’s Summer, and I, and other parents, aren’t walking nearby naturally). As vegetarians, the meat/chorizo counters have never been our thing, but I’m sorry to see El Carnicero go nonetheless. Healthy and locally sourced meat was a great thing to have in FoPo. :/

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