Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Lots of stuff happening as the summer heats up. Go get yourself a bagel, or coffee, or drink, or record, or some vintage clothing or furniture. Whatever you do, find a way to soak in Foster and all its glory.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– It appears the Double Treble era may be beginning soon. Someone’s been hard at work inside of Gemini Lounge—or what we once new as Gemini—presumably to prepare for a re-opening. We’ve only heard murmurs, but it sounds like changes are afoot (with a possible opening in August). Without speculating too much, we’ll just leave you with this link to the OLCC application that shows a name and ownership change.

– Speaking of bars changing hands, we’ll trust you all plan to check out Starday Tavern if you haven’t already. Good. Go. And if you get down there tonight, you’ll be treated to some live music from The Honeycuts (starts at 9).

– Local and somewhat-famed artist, Richard Melloy, will be sharing his work this Saturday at NWIPA. Again, dude’s a local and has a well-known body of work behind him. Check it out: Saturday at NWIPA, 6 – 10 pm.

– Even more art coming to Foster. The Foster Window Project will soon be tackling the Cafe Red-to-be storefront, and you get to vote for which story-themed mural will grace the windows. Go here for more info and to vote(FYI, the “Herbert, You’re Adopted” piece is in need of some votes.)

– The Willamette Week put out its “Best of Portland” issue and, per usual, Foster caught some notable and interesting mentions. I’ll try to run through them quickly:
Best Side-Street Roadhouse (Deer Lodge), Best Video Vault (The Variety Shop), runner-up to Best Strip Club (Devil’s Point), Best Stripper (Pixxie, from Devil’s Point), Best Bartender (Amy, from Devil’s Point).

– Blog recap. This week we got to meet Marla Watson from I Heart Retro; we also learned where the World Famous Cannabis Cafe plans to open.

– Ok, before we leave you for the weekend, a few more entertainment tidbits:
* Fridays is standup comedy night at FoPo Tavern; Saturday night is their big dance party
* O’Malley’s has reggae music every second Tuesday
* Bar Carlo hosts live jazz from the Hot Club of Hawthorne every third Wednesday

Alright, y’all, enjoy the weekend. It’s gonna be a hot one.

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2 Responses to Happy Weekend, Foster People!

  1. N says:

    I’d like to point out that I’ve Been Framed, which snagged Best Frame Shop, is on Foster right where it intersects Powell.

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