More Food in the Neighborhood: Rose VL Deli is Now Open

So there’s this….
















Rose VL Cafe is now open at the funky strip-mall/parking-strip on SE Powell and 65th. If you haven’t been to their parent cafe on SE 82nd (near Fubon), expect tasty (or “meticulous,” as they say) soups, sandwiches and, among other things, bubble tea. The Vietnamese cafe will make a nice addition to this stretch of Powell, where they’ll be joining such places as El Campasino, Siri Thai, The Lodge Bar and Grill, Steakadelphia, and Spritely Bean coffee shop—all within walking distance.


* Oh, and if you’re feeling adventurous, hit up Dickey Doo’s for a post-meal drink. (We’ll just assume that shooting a couple months ago was an anomaly.) Or don’t. But if you do, please share your experience.

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6 Responses to More Food in the Neighborhood: Rose VL Deli is Now Open

  1. veener says:

    Ichidai is a sushi place nearby that is definitely worth checking out as well.

  2. Spiffy says:

    Why does a business with 2 locations not have a web site?

  3. It’s a little refreshing, no? A mom-and-pop that succeeds purely with a few secret ingredients, a dingy space that suffices, and a lot of word of mouth…

    If it were some hip bar, I’d say they were too pretentious and a website beneath them. These guys? Probably just old school.

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