Happy Weekend, Foster People!

I guess this is the point in summer where people start taking back all their complaints about rain and gray and cold during the winter months. I’d certainly trade one of these 95-degree days for a few hours of rain and a cold chill. Hopefully you’re all finding ways to cope.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– It’s hard to believe the Fourth of July is already here. Remember when it marked the “true” start to Portland summers? Not so much anymore. Anyway, be careful with your fireworks and mortars and bombs…our precious dead grass is vulnerable.

– As for the Fourth, for those sticking around, Wolf & Rabbit Emporium will be hosting a “Sidewalk Sideshow” in front of their Foster Row storefront. From noon to 6, the sidewalk along Foster (and 53rd) will have artist’s booths, vendors, food, Vaudeville entertainment, and a tin-type photo booth; live music runs from 7-9 pm.

– Also on the Fourth, Green Noise Records will be hosting their first live, in-store music show. Check out Nervosas and The Stops, starting at 3pm.

– There are some changes happening to Foster’s bar scene. As we mentioned earlier in the week, Starday Tavern began a new era Wednesday with new ownership. Even if nothing else changes at Starday, the sheer energy and local roots of the new owners will be a welcome change. Across the street, we noted that Gemini Lounge appears to be going through an ownership change, too. No word yet on what can be expected there. Going back to Starday, the Smash Bandits will be playing there Friday night.

– Has anyone heard or seen or smelled the slightest action at the Bob White? We’ve heard a new owner is in place; we’ve seen some stuff (boxed arcade game?) being moved in through the back door; and we were told that the theater would not be re-opening. Aside from that, nada…only our imaginations. Who has more info?

– New retail in the neighborhood: welcome, Saint Frank’s Music. For purchase or rent, musical instruments and gear, as well as lessons and other services. Saint Frank’s will be sharing the Wikman Building with Hallowed Halls recording studio.

– Speaking of Hallowed Halls, they’ll be celebrating their opening next Saturday, July 11, at 7pm. Music, food, and drinks…

Alright, y’all, enjoy the weekend. Be safe, be cool.

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One Response to Happy Weekend, Foster People!

  1. Aaron says:

    I’d go farther than saying ‘be careful with your [legal and illegal fireworks].’ I would echo the Oregonian and recommend limiting your firework enjoyment to the scheduled public displays.


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