Changes Afoot for Gemini Lounge?

Gemini Lounge

Gemini Lounge

In the merry-go-round that is the Foster bar scene, it appears Gemini Lounge may be the next in line for a change. Or at least that’s what a recent liquor license application would suggest.

Backing up for a moment, though, let’s look at the last handful of years in the area.

Gemini was a welcome addition four years ago, and somewhat of a stabilizing presence when it replaced Lizards Bar and Grill. But in short succession before that, it was also Brown’s and then Reno’s (or Reno’s, and then Brown’s…not that it matters).

Across the street? Bob and Alice’s was a mainstay, albeit a divey and decidedly “old man” bar. (There’s always a place for that, right?) But after years of slow business and a series of armed robberies, Bob and Alice’s made way for Starday Tavern, which brought in live music and a changing clientele, but not a ton of new business. It also proved difficult to focus on for the owner, who also owns and operates Duff’s Garage. A couple short years later, Starday has been sold. Local resident, Justin Amrine, takes over as Starday’s new owner this Wednesday, hopefully bringing a more stable future to the space.

Further up the street, Amor Lounge, with their cheap gyros, belly dancing, house-made hummus and lottery machines, gave way to Knucklheads a few years ago. For those new to the neighborhood, Knuckleheads was a biker bar in every sense of the word. It stood where you all now know Bar Maven. Like we said, merry-go-round. That appears to be stopping with Bar Maven, though, as the bar and sidewalk seating seem close-to-filled more often than not.

With all the comings and goings, it makes O’Malley’s and Slingshot that much better. And for that matter, gives more appreciation to, say, a Red’s or Foster Gardens.

IMG_2165But back to Gemini Lounge…

What seemed like one of Foster’s busiest bars just a few months ago—with a steady stream of live music, dj’s, drink specials, house-made chips, and a constant landing spot for bachelorette parties and Bear Pub Crawls—Gemini has taken a turn. Or so it seems. Live music is no longer; hours of operation have changed; some nights, doors are closed all together. We thought something was up. And then we came across a recent liquor license application that would suggest, at the very least, a name change is in the works. Perhaps an ownership change, too?

Enter Double Treble…

Screen shot 2015-06-26 at 3.56.41 PM* Again, we’re just taking a stab in the dark here, and only noting it because of other recent changes in the local bar scene (not too late for an “RIP Smokey’s”). And also maybe (probably?) because it’s a slow blogging day.

As for Double Treble, the liquor license application alone does not indicate an ownership change. Rather, it simply shows a change in tradename, in which case we’ll look forward to a longer run of house-made chips, good drinks and a loungey vibe. But if not, perhaps a new era begins.

To be continued…

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9 Responses to Changes Afoot for Gemini Lounge?

  1. Alex says:

    RIP Smokey’s for sure. That place was so classic. Went there several times after moving here. They had two taps. Rolling Rock and Bud Light. Always ordered Rolling Rock. He’d pour a little in a glass, smell it, then look at you and say “you don’t want that.” Every time. Loved it. Then, when you were done drinking your Bud Light, if you asked nicely he’d sell you tall-boys “to go” for 75¢.

  2. Shaanoh says:

    Looks like your wishes for music on foster are being filled! This is going to be a nightly music venue according to the app!

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  4. Elaine Wiliams says:

    You know, it’s pretty sh*tty for you to leave such a hateful comment. You should feel bad for projecting your lack of success onto those who are destined for success. You call out their parents? It least it puts it in perspective lol. I happened to be at the opening on Saturday. I had the best time . The service were great! The music was incredible! And the crowd was Respectful and Nice. You Hood Eye, just don’t know how to embrace our differences.

    • Bobbie Shea says:

      Thank you very much Elaine. The opening party and every night there after has been amazing! It’s been everything I dreamt it would be. My motto is, he or she who walks through the door as a guest, leaves as a friend. When you have some time, I would love to buy you a drink.

      Thank you for the nice comment. I’m glad you had fun.

  5. Bonnie says:

    Absolutely funniest bar in town right now! The variety of people is endless and welcoming and so is the music! Don’t be shy of guys on bikes, they are pussycats! I loved every minute I was there and will continue to frequent this place always.

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