Happy Weekend, Foster People!

God damn, this weather. Sure, it feels nice for about two hours in the morning (if you wake up at dawn) and a couple at night (if you’re still up around midnight). But the other 14 hours are rough. Unless you like to be tortured…then the next two weeks are perfect for you. As always, find your favorite cooled or shaded or patio-ed spot to hydrate with a cold…oh, wait…

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Speaking of  (de)hydrating with a cold beer or cocktail, don’t forget to open your minds to Starday Tavern if you haven’t already. If you’re late to the game, it’s ok, new ownership plans to keep its live music offerings…so you didn’t miss out much over the last year and a half (other than not being witness to the transition from Bob and Alice’s to the latest Slingshot MondaysStarday incarnation). You can read more about the (July 1) ownership change: here.

– And just when we get the refreshing news that music on Foster won’t be a thing of the past after all, we hear that Slingshot will have a DJ every Monday spinning “outlaw country” and the like. For Service Industry Night, from 10p – 2am, get your fix of “countrypolitan, honky tonk, & outlaw country…” Oh, and Green Noise Records plans their first live in-store show on July 4 (more on that later). See, music, y’all. Music.

– I didn’t know there were any more local publications that hadn’t yet been to or written about the Portland Mercado. Alas, there was one: Portland Monthly lists “5 Reasons to Check Out the New Portland Mercado.” Not that you needed any more reasons, but I suppose it’s a good reminder. And the continued positive press is encouraging.

– And speaking of local publications, the Willamette Week states that the World Famous Cannabis Cafe will be opening its location somewhere on Foster. No word where or when.

– Weekend entertainment:
Starday Tavern- Win Schultz and friends and The Tipsy Ramblers, Friday; We Are Toads, Saturday
O’Malley’s- Wehrmacht, P.R.O.P.L.E.M.S., Die Nasty and Burien, Friday at 9, $5 cover
FoPo Tavern- Ferociously Funny Fridays (stand-up comedy), 9pm
Performance Works NW- Icons by Rejoice: Diaspora Dance Theater, spans Friday, Saturday and Sunday
NWIPA- Art opening for Emily Kosta, Saturday at 6pm

Have a good weekend, y’all. Be cool, be safe.

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2 Responses to Happy Weekend, Foster People!

  1. Bob Strong says:

    Love your blog, but would really rather you not take the Lord’s name in vain to express your point about the weather.

  2. Trust me, no offense was meant to the big guy (or girl) upstairs….if indeed he/she is up there.

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