Seen in FoPo

Our alleyway system can be a blessing and a curse. Both for obvious reasons. One thing they always provide, though, are hidden gems like this—rare finds that probably mostly get overlooked, but probably mostly add some quirkiness to your jungle foraging, too.

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7 Responses to Seen in FoPo

  1. Greg says:

    I walked through the alleyway behind my house earlier today only to find another kind of hidden gem…dumped garbage…which raises the question: are homeowners responsible for cleaning up illegally dumped garbage? Also, do you happen to know if homeowners are required to keep alleyways clear of foliage? Thanks in advance for any insight.

  2. Yep, a blessing and a curse. Unfortunately, we all deal with the latter…illegal dumping happens to be one of them. I don’t know official policy on dumping, but Metro’s RID patrol will come out and take care of it. More info here:

    As for foliage, again, I don’t know the official policy, but I’ve been under the impression your section of the alleyway does fall to your responsibility. If nothing else, I get paranoid of discarded cigarettes and the like starting a fire in overgrown bush and grass, so I tend to maintain mine more than is probably necessary.

    Hope that helps…

  3. Kathy Ireland says:

    It is the owners responsibility. I remember this coming up during a neighborhood meeting years ago. If you don`t keep it clear, you may get a notice. It`ll say clean it up or the city will, and give you the bill.

  4. Craig Giffen says:

    Ah, my garage! Glad you like it! I did this for a valentine’s present for my wife:


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