Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Ok, the summer season is kicking in. Better not blink, because it goes by fast, especially with the fast pace of events and festivals and such. We’re not immune to that on Foster, it just looks a little different. So make the most of it, folks…

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– I’m just going to give a blatant plug to Carts on Foster. Sure, it’s a bit rag-tag. And it definitely took a couple years before they found their footing. But something pretty cool is happening over there. First of all, there’s no pretense, nor is there risk of it getting disbanded to make way for condos. That’s something many other pods can’t say. Yeah, there are a few underwhelming carts, but the others help compensate. And the beer. Oh, the beer. Good tap selection; cheap pints on Thursdays; and, now, events too. Kudos to the folks over there for bringing in some brewers the other day and offering fun dinner options. We’ll look forward to more of it in the future.

– And on the beer (and wine) front…we’re getting a little closer to being able to imbibe at Pieper Cafe. Check with them, but last we heard they’ll be able to serve beer and wine starting in July.

– And speaking of Pieper, their resident clowns, Olive and Dingo, will be leading a bike ride through the neighborhood next Wednesday, ending with story time in the park. Peep it: Creatures of the Enchanted Forest Bike Ride. June 24 at 4:00 pm, leaving from the coffee shop.

– The big event this weekend is the Foster-Powell Garden Tour. I’m not even going to try to convince you that walking around looking at peoples’ front and backyards is fun. That’s something you’ll just have to trust us on. Hint: we’ve been treated to home-brewed beers on the tour, as well as makings for mimosas, raffle tickets, and elbow-rubbing with all your oddball neighbors. Saturday, June 20, from 10 – 2 pm. For a route map and more info, click here and here.

– Hey, for the Gnostic of you, or those that like to celebrate the solstice and/or tend toward the occult…we’ve got something for you. Well, not us, but…the OTO Sekhet-Maat Lodge at Foster and 79th does. We present to you, Solstice in Cancer-The Lust of Sekhmet. The stated “ritual of mystery and magik” takes place on Saturday at 7:30pm. Only on Foster, right?

– Don’t look now, but SMART Collective is hosting another live music show. After Starday Tavern, these guys are bringing the most consistent live music to Foster. Tonight’s show brings Rules of Motion, Amber Moon, Arbo, and Jamie Iwata to their stage. It’s an early one, though. Check it out at 5:30 to start your weekend off right. $3 cover, free with student ID.

– Like we said, summertime is full of happenings. Here are a few more things going on this weekend on Foster:
Charla Cultural at Portland Mercado (Saturday, from 10-11): learn about Guatemalan culture and get a demonstration in opening coconuts
Kyle Jester performs at Starday Tavern on Friday night; Radio Gumbo takes their stage on Saturday
Ferociously Funny Fridays at FoPo Tavern: stand up comedy, starting at 9pm

Enjoy the weekend, all, Be cool, be safe.

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