Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Another week down, and we’re that much closer to the official start of summer. Kids are out of school, though, and the weather’s been on point, so we might as well be there now. Hope you’re all enjoying it thus far. Get your weekend tidbits below…

Here they are…

– Well, we almost got duped into thinking we were all wrong about the Bob White’s future. See, yesterday, while walking past the east-side access doors, we spotted a couple hulking gentlemen ferrying arcade machines from a trailer into the theater. Were we too hasty in our assumptions of the owner-to-be’s intentions? Could the Bob White become the East Side’s version of Ground Kontrol, but on steroids? But then we realized that could be too good to be true. So we enquired. Said hulking gentlemen quickly offered that they were just using to the space for storage and “this place won’t be re-opening anytime soon.” Granted, they weren’t the new owners. Still. Hopes dashed in mere seconds.

– But in good news, there’s rumor full-on engineering for the Foster Streetscape plan may  begin soon. As in next month. For all we know, it’s actually already started or won’t actually start for months more. But I’ll be optimistic and believe in rumored timeline.

– With the Wet Hen’s transformation from car wash to presumed food cart pod (at SE 50th and Powell), ushered in by the southerly migration of Los Gorditos, it looks like they’re set to sell beer. Or at least that’s what a liquor license application from Beer Box would suggest, as they’re listing the site as their address. I guess Carts on Foster has a bit of competition.

– The Willy Week made their way to the Portland Mercado this week. Nice to see the market still getting love. Outside of Devil’s Point, this is the one true, regional draw in the neighborhood. And it’s been an instant and (so far) lasting success.

– Last week we made an informal list of retail spaces available (for lease or purchase). As it turns out, there is more than one storefront available in the commercial plaza anchored by Heads High barbershop and Tambayan restaurant. There are at least two, with a possible third available as well. Get in now before you can’t afford to open your business on Foster.

– Speaking of not being able to afford opening a business on Foster….the former Portland Ketchup office space, sandwiched between Henry Higgins Bagels and the future Cafe Red, has seen a rent increase of $700 since it was first posted on Craigslist a few weeks ago. If you want that space, it’ll now cost you $2,100 per month. Yikes.

– Art opening at Bar Carlo tonight: Finding My Way – Solo Show, from 6 – 10 pm.

– Speaking of opening…I Heart Retro opens their doors tomorrow (Saturday) at 10 am. For a stretch of Foster once lacking in retail options, you can now walk a few blocks and be able to buy records, clothes, a bike, board games, beer, bagels, skate boards, darts and pool supplies, furniture (both Euro Classic and retro), and an assortment of goods at the Mercado. Oh, and transmissions and lots of tires.

Weekend entertainment:
Performance Works NW- (Un)Made: Solo Relay Series #4: Nancy Ellis & Robert Tyree, Friday and Saturday at 8 pm
Starday Tavern- Win Schultz, King Columbia, Halfway There and Ben Anderson, Friday; David Stoops, Ryan Freeman and Hominid Prime, Saturday
Bar Carlo- Finding My Way – Solo Show art opening, 6 – 10 pm, Friday

Have a good weekend, all.

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One Response to Happy Weekend, Foster People!

  1. That really sucks about the Bob White. Ugh. Wonder who owns it now?

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