Happy Weekend, Foster People!

The summer months are definitely upon us. Despite the few days of (refreshing and needed) rain, we’re back into the intolerable this weekend. 84 today, 85 Saturday, 90 on Sunday. Yikes! Get your misters and fan hats, y’all.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Not to be a downer, but did you all read the Southeast Examiner’s article, Toxic Air in the Rose City? Apparently our air is no bueno in SE PDX, thanks in large part to the Brooklyn Rail Yard and Precision Castparts. Great…

– We have much to be thankful for, though. Like bars. What’s your favorite happy hour spot?

– The Annual Foster-Powell Garden Tour is coming up, and you should probably go. Even if you don’t like plants…but that would be weird. Go because you’ll meet your neighbors, probably be offered a drink or two, and you’ll be humbled by way better gardeners than you (and mostly likely inspired by it, too). June 20, starting at 10 am; route to be revealed soon.

– Who needs office/work/retail space for their business or hobby? A quick search gets us the following:
* 6418 SE Foster
* 52nd and Foster
* 56th and Foster
* 64th and Holgate (Wikman Bldg)
* 67th, between Foster and Holgate (for purchase)
* also, 6010 SE Foster as of two days ago

– The Foster Window Project will be making use of window space at the Cafe Red-to-be. The idea is to take a make-believe story and turn it into a 3D visual. That visual will then add some pop to the now-vacant space until it becomes a cafe down the road. Submissions are encouraged from the community through the end of June, with voting taking place mid-July; work parties would then commence in August. Click here for more info and to make your submission.

– I know, just beyond the stretches of Foster, but close enough: Los Gorditos is setting up shop on SE 50th, just north of Powell. Not sure how we’ve been so blessed with with this many options for Mexican food (see Tacos Chavez, El Sultan, Nayar Taqueria, Torta-landia, and even Bar Carlo; a select few carts at the Mercado, too).

– Weekend entertainment:
SMART Collective- All ages show: Tim the Walrus//Red Season//Naked Hour//Alien Boy, Friday at 5pm
FoPo Tavern- Furiously Funny Fridays on Foster (Comedy night), Friday at 8:30pm
Starday Tavern- Half Way There, Friday; Vinyl Gold, Saturday

Be cool, all.

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2 Responses to Happy Weekend, Foster People!

  1. Kaye says:

    I love this blog. Seriously. Thanks for keeping us up on all the news! Not that I’ll be out and about today after about, say, 10:00 a.m. I plan to be hiding in the basement until tomorrow morning, when I can go hide in my office building which has AC. :-/

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