Scenes From the Bob White’s Last Show. Maybe.

IMG_1068Maybe it was the last show. Maybe it wasn’t.

Nick Storie himself said that he sold the historic theater to an investor—someone “part of the 1%,” as he stated. That was last Friday, just a couple days before the sale was to be finalized and closed. And so marked the end of the Bob White’s most recent era.

Who knows what the next era will look like. I guess it depends on what an investor sees in the space. But from everything that Storie and last Friday’s event organizers said, that IMG_1070investor sees something else besides event space.

But instead of speculating on what the future will bring, we thought we’d share a few scenes from Friday’s Incredibly Short Film Festival. You know, so we could torture you more with what could have been…

While attendance wasn’t great, it probably wasn’t as low as it seemed. See, the theater is quite large. So, too, is the adjoining IMG_1071warehouse that also played host to the GIF-based film festival. And with all that space, the moderate crowd seemed much smaller than it actually was. But judging by the comings and goings, people sliding between Bar Carlo and the theater, and those exploring the balcony seating and warehouse, there were around 50-60 people in attendance, maybe more. Still not enough to give the theater its proper send-off, though. But given the rocky status of the theater, and it being dark for weeks prior, a pretty good turnout nonetheless. Hopefully there’ll be another chance to see an event. But probably not.

IMG_1066Maybe. Rumors are still just rumors.

With all the drama surrounding the theater, as well as murmurs of its demise, one couldn’t help but to feel a little nostalgic. Even a little sad. Perhaps angry, too, over a missed opportunity.

But maybe a better opportunity still awaits. Or maybe one doesn’t. Let’s just hope it isn’t another flipped property wrapped in hope, ultimately unwrapped by dollar signs.

RIP Bob White? Or To Be Continued? We shall see. 

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4 Responses to Scenes From the Bob White’s Last Show. Maybe.

  1. porksy says:

    Hopefully something positive will happen with the neighborhood in mind and not the pocketbook, it is such a wonderful old building.

  2. Anti-m says:

    Cautiously optimistic — A 1%er might have the means to actually restore the place. Someone of lesser means would likely be scared off by the daunting seismic upgrades required.

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