Buddhist Temple to Make Home Off Foster

IMG_1144The Church of Grace is no more. But proposed to take its place is a Buddhist temple.

Located at 4224 SE 62nd Avenue, the former Church of Grace served a mostly Russian-speaking congregation, and had been for sale for the better part of a year. It is unknown if the building has actually been sold to the Buddhi Dharma Hui Lin Foundation, who seeks to establish a Buddhist temple on the site.

Chances are, the Buddhist temple will feel much different than the Church of Grace, which also served as part youth ministry and Russian language school.

According to a “Notice of Type II Proposal,” here’s what plans for the new temple entail:
     The Buddhi Dharma Hui Lin Foundation is establishing a new Buddhist temple on this site, which has been the location for a religious institution since 1922. The proposed temple would have a membership of about 400 persons from the local area, as contrasted with the Church of Grace that was the last occupant of the site, with a Screen shot 2015-05-27 at 2.57.24 PMcongregation of about 500 members. An existing unimproved parking lot for the institution, with space for about 10 vehicles, is located across the street from the building, on the northeast corner of SE 62nd Avenue and SE Boise Street. An informal agreement for shared parking with a neighborhood business is able to provide parking for an additional 30 to 34 vehicles.
     The temple would be used daily but most activities will include quiet meditation and worship activities that involve small groups of approximately 20 people. Special events, which are scattered through the year on about 10 different feast days, are expected to bring between 60 and 120 people to the site. These numbers are reported to be substantially less than the numbers of people who attended regularly scheduled services or special events for the previous user.
     The proposed location of the temple on this site requires approval through a Type II Conditional Use Review because it involves a change of use that is within the same use category, Religious Institutions.

We usually steer clear of religion and politics, but we found this to be not only blog-worthy, but fairly exciting, too. A decision on the land use review will be made June 1, though we don’t see why plans won’t be approved.

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2 Responses to Buddhist Temple to Make Home Off Foster

  1. erica says:

    This is so great. Really hoping this comes to be.

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