Plans Resume for New Homes at SE 65th and Holgate?

IMG_0989There was a time when a lone Coptic Orthodox Church inhabited the expansive and now-vacant lot at SE 65th and Holgate. That church was razed nearly two years ago to make room for new housing—the developer, Everett Custom Homes, proposed eight homes for the lot.

And after close to two years, with the congregation long gone, the lot still sits vacant. When we originally wrote about the church’s demolition, as well as plans for the lot, we had the following thoughts:
  “My first thought:  How will eight homes fit in there, and how small will the people be who live in them?
  “Next thought:  I kinda liked having a Coptic church in the neighborhood–where will the congregation go now that their church has been razed?”

I guess you could have expected this—looks like every other new, infill home constructed in Portland

After all this time, we now know that 1) the congregation found a new home in Sellwood and 2) as it turns out, eight homes won’t fit in there. Well, in regards to the latter point, eight homes could fit in there. But it was a tight enough squeeze that plans ultimately had to be amended—instead, there will now only be six homes on the site.

According to the amended proposal, the 20,000 square foot lot will be divided into six plots, five of which will be 3,200 square foot, and the sixth will be 3,400 square feet. Detached homes will sit on those subplots, with parking pads at the rear and accessed via the alleyway between SE 65th and SE 66th. Here’s a brief description of the homes themselves:
  “The development on the lots is proposed to consist of 22-foot wide, two-story (approximately 26-foot in height) detached houses that are set back from the front lot line 15 feet. Each house is shown to have a single-story front porch that is 10 feet from the front lot line. Each lot is proposed to have parking in the rear yard via the abutting IMG_4216alley, and an open outdoor area in the rear yard as well. The building elevations also show the structures will have gable or hip roofs, horizontal siding, and trim.”

This development comes at a time of rapid change for the neighborhood, specifically along Holgate as it stems off of Foster. About the same time the lot was proposed for new development, six new homes were being constructed two blocks east, just next to Kern Park Flower Shoppe. And just to the west, a three-story apartment building was recently constructed. That building’s neighbor, the Wikman Building, has just recently found a new tenant—Hallowed Halls recording studio—after sitting vacant for a couple years. Perhaps it’s a microcosm of what the surrounding neighborhood is experiencing as a whole.

No word yet on if/when a permit’s been issued, so construction’s commencement time is unknown at this point. Stay tuned.

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10 Responses to Plans Resume for New Homes at SE 65th and Holgate?

  1. Sarah says:

    Well, I’m glad the number of homes got reduced, and it’ll be good to not have a giant weed filled empty lot there. I’ll keep my opinions on the repetitive style of all the new homes to myself. I’m also very curious what’s going to happen where they just demolished the old place hidden on the corner of Holgate and 72nd. Whatever is built, it’s going to be a big change.

    • Sarah, is the property you’re talking about the one that’s hidden by the assortment of thorn bushes, trees, and over-growth? Didn’t realize it was demolished…

      • Sarah says:

        It would be easy to miss since you could only see the home in a couple of spots through the shrubbery on 72nd. They did a *very* slow deconstruction…it seems there were toxicity issues, all the workers were wearing full suits and respirators.

  2. Bob Strong says:

    It’s interesting that you included a new home and identified it as looking like every other new infill home in Portland. Just yesterday, I took a picture of it, because I thought it was a very acceptable infill style when contrasted with some of the tall, way too skinny, homes constructed on 25′ wide lots. I happen to have two of them directly behind my house and we are doing everything possible to create vegetative view screens to avoid having to see them. At least the home you picture has some “old Portland” style to it. Guess it’s all in the eye of the beholder.
    Love the newsletter. Who is responsible for it? As a long time resident of the neighborhood (moved here in 1952), I really appreciate the fact that you are not only keeping up with what is happening, but taking time to share it with others. Thanks.

    • Thanks for reading, Bob.

      As for the type of construction, it’s more the lack of variety among new homes being built as opposed to the individual style. Taken by itself, I actually like the “old Portland style,” as you say. I just feel like a lot of developers are building the same one over and over.


  3. Ryan LaPoma says:

    Aside from issues re: aesthetics and parking, it is VERY important to note that Everett Custom Homes does build across the board to the Earth Advantage New Homes Certification standard (, a regional third-party green certification program. This means they prioritize local and sustainable resources, energy efficiency, healthy indoor environments, and durability. In case you’re wondering, I work for Earth Advantage. 😉

    They also work with DeConstruction Services (a partner of The ReBuilding Center) to practice deconstruction on infill lots. Here’s a recent write up about a TV Series that’s apparently featuring them this Summer:

    • I appreciate the emphasis on use of sustainable resources. I do know, however, that Everett has also been very active on the home-demolition front in other developments. There’s a bit of irony there.

  4. robinmoore82 says:

    Thanks for the info, that’s literally my back yard.

  5. malexreed says:

    Apparently the City forced the developer to decrease the unit count from 8 to 6 but has since backed down on that policy.

    Hey Everett Custom Homes, the neighborhood wants the density and affordability (as shown in the NA endorsement of the original 8-unit plan)! Please take the time to go back to the 8-unit plan!


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